Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Hello there! Long time no see. I have been a little remiss over the last year. Busy working, enjoying the job but getting more and more tired as the year went on. Loving my job though. Difficult situation. What to do for the best. Well, a year of deliberating and suddenly it was Christmas and I had retired! I was told by my retired friends that I would love retirement. By my working friends, what will you do all day! Nearly three months on I have news for my working friends, I absolutely love being retirement. I have time to catch up with friends, do home cooking and breathe! I have also discovered the Joy of going to Cinema Matinee as well!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter Swop

A little while ago my Blogger friend and actual friend Joy, arranged for a Swop amongst her Blogging friends. I was lucky enough to be picked and also extremely lucky to be twinned with Ellie.
I do not know Ellie, only a few of her interests. Ellie does not know me either, obviously, but knows of some of my interests.
We planned our parcels and in due course sent them of to the Post Office.
(Mine was late going. Mainly because of work commitments and being disorganised!)

Opening Day was yesterday and WOW!

The pictures on this blog are all from Ellie's parcel.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that the bag of Galaxy Caramel Eggs is empty. I assure you it was full when it arrived, Ellie did not send me an empty packet!

I have a notebook and colouring pens. Chocolate. Seeds. Cake cases, gorgeous quartz earrings. The most stunning felt embroidered egg. I believe Ellie makes the felt herself. Amazing and beautiful. Very pretty fabric and pale chiffon ribbon wrapped the parcel.

So many things I would go on for pages so will leave you with the photos and go and eat the rest of the chocolate! Apologies for missing out one of the gifts. A tiny pair of ceramic bunnies. Very Sweet.

I am very fortunate to have drawn you Ellie. Thank you so much joy and Ellie. I am not a gardener but I will be planting the seeds and crossing my fingers!

Monday, 4 March 2013

New to Jean

I have been crafting now for around 50 years. Good heavens, if I think too much about that sentence I will feel very old!

Anyway, I digress.
A very good friend told me about Somerset Patchwork when we met up recently to celebrate our birthdays. We came back to my house and whilst the men were watching football we sat at my work table and as usual some of my machine patchwork was there waiting to be finished. It was then that Penny told me about a type of patchwork I had not come across.

So, Penny, this one is for you. I have not decided how I will make it into a gift yet. The embroidery frame is 7" and the backing fabric is 8" square so not big enough for a cushion!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the hand folding and stitching, so everyone is a winner!