Saturday, 29 October 2011


SHHIM campaign badge

This may work

oooh it's cold!

I am being a hero. I am sitting here with cold fingers and toes and I refuse to put on the heating. I think I will get my socks and fleece on in a minute. I am sure the temp is around 16 degrees so I am making a fuss over nothing really. Reason for this heroism? I heard a prog on Radio 4 this week about heating costs going up 25% this year. I have no idea how much we pay. I buy the food, hubbie pays for the cooking of it. Fair division of costs I think. But, 25% sounds bad to me. I was shocked when the price of my jar of coffee leapt £1 in one week back in the summer.

News from Devizes, I have divorced Folksy. Long story, but some of my items no longer suit their criteria and they have been so unfair to some of my friends who earn more than just pin money that I have cleared my shop. Cutting off my nose to spite my face comes to mind, but I hate it when the big boys are unfair to the little guys. I was never going to be a millionnaire selling jewellery online.

So, I am now a member of SHHIM. Supporting Handmade However it's Made. When I work out how, I shall add their logo and links to the side panel. They are a great bunch and I have bought from 3 members already.

I am going to be selling (I hope) via Facebook. There is a link at the top of this piece. Not much in there yet but all of my Christmas decs will be in there and my jewellery too. Some is new to you, some not. I would like the shop to work, I do have some exceedingly nice stuff that I have made! (I have been told to be bolder in promoting. Who, Me? Oh Dear.)
Hope to see you soon in my shop!