Monday, 26 April 2010

What a lovely start to the Week!

Hi! What a lovely morning I had. A young friend of mine came over, well she is twenty something and I am sixty something, so yes she is young!
We have been talking about me teaching her to bead for ages but the calendar just did not work out for either of us. Today we both had a window and took it!
This is the result. Kate chose her beads and I showed her ONCE how to crimp and then we just chatted and drank tea for around an hour and Hey Presto! This is the first necklace Kate has ever made. So pretty, and I love that we agree about random beading. It has to be symetrical!! So, she is now obsessed, as I am, and we are going bead and pliers shopping on Wednesday. Shaftesbury look out. Two bead obsessed women will be there around 10.00. Thereafter to eat cake and drink coffee and drool over our purchases!