Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I am no Juggler!

I wish I could juggle though.

For almost 2 weeks I have had a peaceful orderly life. I have been able to get up and do my chores and take time with my daily routine of shower, hair, choose from a cupboard full of clean and ironed clothes and have breakfast in my clean and tidy house and then pop out to visit or entertain at home. Pop into forums if I was in the mood and do the blog in a relaxed manner. Bliss.

My normal routine is about to land on me again as today I am back to work..... Now, for those who know me you are probably rolling your eyes at this blog! Friends and neighbours I work four and a half hours as a Receptionist. I am not full time, I am not a brain surgeon and I do not work down the mines. I do not bring work home with me and I am not on call 24/7.

So, WHY will I be in a complete muddle by the end of the week??

Because I spend too much time thinking of all of my chores and avoiding them instead of getting on with it.

So, it is now 9.05 and I have listed, forum'd and now blogged. However, I am still in my p.j's and not a cup of coffee in sight!

I am NOW going to GET ON WITH IT and I wish you a pleasant day full of achievements!!

p.s. the beads are my new listing, the first migrant from my Misi shop to my Folksy shop.

EDIT: Two hours later I am at least now in my track suit. So, I am now going to shower and go to work. At least I had a good breakfast and watched a bit of tv and cleaned 2 pairs of boots and hoovered around the whole of downstairs and ironed a couple of things (Rule Two!) unloaded dishwasher and restacked and put away the final Christmas Decorations.

I am now exhausted and need to walk to town to meet Janice for coffee! Should I take the car? It does need a wash and brush up at the car wash....No! that is £10
No wonder I am too tired to go to work, all of these decisions I have to make.