Monday, 25 January 2010


I found this on Twitter, it is a very sober read and I have no flippant words or pictures to go with it.
Hope you read it too.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I had a bit of a panic a few days ago and thought Royal Mail had lost a strawberry bookmark I had made for Mrs G. Although she was very sweet and more sad than mad I refunded the money and rushed off to www to look for more strawberries! Then, 30 mins later had an email from Agnes saying it had arrived! Whew! So, when strawbs arrived yesterday, very nice ones too, I decided to tell the story on the Folksy forum and Debs (Dinky Daisy) asked if I would make her some earrings with them. How fabulous is that! So, a happy ending after all. Thank you Debs.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three and A Half Weeks!

What makes you think that today is a toughie!!
I am on the Misi Slimathon and have been going great guns. Today I am recovering from a migraine. It is day two and I think 2 more doses of 'the wonder that is paracetemol' will see it off but I am feeling bit groggy and cold and HUNGRY. I am not hungry at all as I have just had some yummy porridge and coffee, but .....
I have choc and biscuits by the bucket load in the house but do not fancy them, do not know what I want so it is NOT HUNGER!
So, I am going to sit in my warm and tidy lounge with my beading and watch t.v. and relax ready for Tim Wonnacot at 12.15 when it really is time for lunch. Then off to work, which is nice and busy at the moment. That will occupy my mind.
Hope none of the other Misi people are having the same slump.
Bye People x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Craft Cupboard
We have a new shop. It is on Folksy and is called Craft Cupboard. It is going to be for bead woven jewellery at the moment but other crafts will be listed as and when the fancy takes me!
Here is a picture of one of the items for sale.
Only 8 items listed at the moment as the light is so bad for pictures but that means more time to bead!

Hope you can pop on by and have a gander. Off to bed now, just sold an item online and the excitement and the diet has worn me out!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I love parcels!

Just look what arrived in the post! This is a gift from a friend in the crafting world. Shirley from Pussy Galore. It is a little Sock Kitten made to celebrate the birth of our newest grandaughter, Lucy Elizabeth. This was a total surprise and I am thrilled with it. The packaging was superb as well! I had commissioned Shirley to make me a photograph album, which be the way is also fabulous and this arrived in the post with it. I have put my Flickr link in for you to see the other items. This is the link for Pussy Galore

.3 lbs How much is that in real money???

This is the money raised so far on my Misi Slimathon. It should actually be a bit more but could not work out how much extra for the .3 lb I am not worried as I shall make it all right at the end of March, closing date.

Kitty Bank is turned away because he actually has 'Chocolate Fund' printed on his tummy. If I can work our how I shall make a label to cover that bit. Just going to write another blog about a fabulous crafter. See you in a tick!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The photo that did it!

I would like to say I look this size because of the angle of the shot....but if that was the case my son would look tubby too. The tree really was that big. Fabulous.
This person wearing my clothes with a very round face is me and I do not like it one bit. How can I be surprised at a photograph when I look in the mirror every day? Kidology I suspect, and being a stranger to my scales.
So, Slimathon Members, I am not happy to reveal the weight (blushes) but this is me now and I will update the picture at monthly intervals. Minus tree and son...!