Sunday, 28 June 2009


Happy Sunday!

I want to say thank you to all of my FOLLOWERS!

Why? Well, just because. I want to send a message to just them, but I do not know how, so I am hoping they are watching me...Please ping me a message on here FOLLOWERS. Does not matter what the message is, and I will put you in a draw. I so enjoyed last weeks. Isn't this picture pretty. My brother, the whizzy computer/camera buff likes it very much and wanted to know where did I get it from. I did it all on mine own Paul. Actually all I did was put a selection of beads into a dish and take the photo. Then cropped it. Bingo! The prize is a secret. To be revealed when there is a winner. I am leaving this running for a while, so can you leave the message under this message. Where was my GCE English Language during that bit of typing!
Well, I thought I would show you what I look like, so that you all know I am old and wrinkly and round! The baby on my lap is Vonnie, my daughters niece and the one about to escape is my adorable little English/Australian Grandaughter Alice Bonnie.
Just thought I would tell you!
Good Night.