Monday, 29 June 2009

Have I got this wrong!

Here are my Emma Ralph Lampwork Beads!
I am on her list for her newsletter and when she lists some new beads I am one of the people who get told first. Very good so far, but her beads are sooooooooooo fabulous that you have to be VERY quick!
I was quick 3 times.
Now when you buy her beads you are supposed to send her a photograph showing her what you have used them for. Do you think she intended them to be just looked at?
So, here are the two passions of our house. Penstemons (my husband) and lampwork beads, mine. Guess who spends most money?

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Happy Sunday!

I want to say thank you to all of my FOLLOWERS!

Why? Well, just because. I want to send a message to just them, but I do not know how, so I am hoping they are watching me...Please ping me a message on here FOLLOWERS. Does not matter what the message is, and I will put you in a draw. I so enjoyed last weeks. Isn't this picture pretty. My brother, the whizzy computer/camera buff likes it very much and wanted to know where did I get it from. I did it all on mine own Paul. Actually all I did was put a selection of beads into a dish and take the photo. Then cropped it. Bingo! The prize is a secret. To be revealed when there is a winner. I am leaving this running for a while, so can you leave the message under this message. Where was my GCE English Language during that bit of typing!
Well, I thought I would show you what I look like, so that you all know I am old and wrinkly and round! The baby on my lap is Vonnie, my daughters niece and the one about to escape is my adorable little English/Australian Grandaughter Alice Bonnie.
Just thought I would tell you!
Good Night.

Friday, 26 June 2009


HELP PLEASE! What should I charge for this ring. The ingredients cost me £9.50. The ring base (size 8) is sterling silver and the crystals are swarovski 6mm and the pins are also sterling silver. I see them on sites at around £8-£12
What would you pay?

Happy Weekend All.
Will be putting up some more pictures on MISI and FOLSKY and Talking Beads sites this weekend.
When my brain has worked out how I will be putting up those clever picture links everyone else has.....

Can one of my followers please tell me, in words of one syllable, how.

Good Night x

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Secret Swap

Good Morning, Just a quickie, I took part in a Secret Swop in May. It was organised by Kay, Trashy Princess!
I sent off one of my bookmarks, and a keyring and some lovely wrapping paper and a greetings card. But, I got the wrong end of the stick....I thought I had to send someone a present! The poor girl was looking forward to receiving a bag of stuff to make into something.

Anyway, moving on this is what I received. I do not know who sent them, this was the note she enclosed.

I am now off to make some porridge and coffee for breakfast as we are doing our first Craft Stall in about 18 months! I will let you know how we do. It is at a Hog Roast in Seend, at a fabulous farm shop/restaurant. Will take some pictures and tell you about it tonight.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

And The Winner Is.............

Well Done Nifty, your prize
will be with you as soon as Mr Postman can get it
Thank you to all of you who
I enjoyed the making of the
necklace and reading your suggestions.
Keep looking, another one
coming soon.
Good Night

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Oh Dear I am tired!! I have been making some posters and display cards for our Craft Fair on Saturday. It is at Thornham Farm at Seend. Actually it is a Hog Roast and the owner has invited local businesses to go along and set up a stall and advertise and sell. That's us then! So, hence the red eyes. I will let you know how we get on.
Let me see do I have a picture for you?
Ah Yes, this is my husband in the garden working away putting up our fence. "And so", you say. Well it was 7.20 and I was looking a million dollars (well $10) as we were being picked up at 7.30 to go out to dinner. He was quite sure he would be showered and spruced up in time to go out.....AAAAGH! Needless to say he did not know I was in the bedroom spying on him.
One thing I am trying to learn is that Men Can Not Hurry. He was doing the fence and that was that. Then he was going out to dinner, and that was that! Bless him.
But, he is coming to help on Saturday. I have told him he can have some hog roast for breakfast!
I am getting excited now, also, my son is coming home from Dubai for the weekend. Actually he is coming home to go to the Grand Prix and then to see us. HeHe!
BTW! Only 24 hours left for the Blog Giveaway. More Names Please x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Name it to Win it!

I did enjoy making this gift. It is a Free Giveaway, all you have to do is think of a name and the one chosen will win it.
Leave me a comment and all of the names will go in a hat on Thursday 18th (would have been my Mum's Birthday) and I will draw a winner and post it here.
Once I had my beads out I 'found' some lovely yellow trumpet shapes so I may have a go at those for the site. I have nothing on MISI at the moment as I am having a sort out.
The new stuff will be up tonight, or early dawn tomorrow. My Folksy store is still stocked as is my Dreamaid store.
*******Just finished putting up a lot of stuff on my MISI store, more to come later when I have had a gin and tonic!! ******************

Less is more!

Just browsing MISI this morning, as you do, and I found this lovely wedding card. Most wedding cards are so 'old' or 'cutesy' but I like this as it is different and just simple. I have not stumbled across this seller before and I am glad I did as I am now going to ask her to make a card for me.
Sun us shining and it is a lovely warm day here in Devizes so I must think of something nice to do today to celebrate. Find the sun tan lotion for a start. We sat outside yesterday for half an hour in the sun having coffee and now I have bright pink forearms!! The rest of me is white though, so not a good look.
So, to celebrate I am going to go downstairs and have a look in my box of beads and make a special 'the sun is shining BLOG GIVEAWAY' and then list it later. I will ask for a name and the best one will receive the ????
Enjoy today and pop by later and leave a name via the COMMENT button.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Beaded Flowers

News of our Bead Group!
My friend and I run a bead group in Devizes, Wiltshire at the Scouts Hall, Southbroom Road.

This month on June 20th we will be concentrating on making little flowers with size 11 seed beads. Jackie has been making these for a while and has some pretty examples. On the day the group will be invited to bring along their own seed beads and choose to follow patterns available on the day. I have read somewhere that this is called French Beading but I am probably wrong. I read a lot on beading...

For anyone who is new to beading there will be, as always, a good selection of seed beads, needles and threads for sale. If you are local to Devizes we would love for you to come along and meet all of the lovely and friendly members of the group.

Oh, I almost forgot...There is a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and nice biscuits too. Cost of the group is £5 per session.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Look What I Have Found!

Don't worry, no more 'Australia'

I have been up since a loo break at 4.30 (ahhhhhhh!) looking on the web for crystals for my new angel charms and popped onto Folksy for a look.
I am on there too and I like to watch and learn.
I found this absolutely fabulous brooch made by Posh Plushies. I have done some fine stitching in my time and so appreciate the work that has gone into this lovely brooch. The other items she has are just as beautiful and make me want to reach for my PayPal button. In fact I may just do that as it is Winter in Oz and this would look great on my daughter's black coat......whoops, sorry said I would not mention Australia!
Please go over and have a look at

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Manly Beach

Yes I am still in Australian mode! Although I am settled back I thought I would share with you a photograph I took of my daughter and grandaughter. Alice was entranced by the waves and stayed still for a long time watching the sea and the surfers. Her dad is a very able surfer and Life Saver and we are all hoping she will share his love of the water.
Anyway, back now to the washing machine.
Will someone say, 'Jean, stop dreaming of Manly and get on and make some jewellery for the craft fair on June 20th' Thank you!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

This is Alice sitting patiently having her feet measured by a girl from Midlands (England!!) in one of Sydneys department stores. At 18 months she is always on the go but sat still beautifully and then ran around manically as requested by the assistant. Such a good girl.
I am safe and sound at home now and as promised I am not suffering from Jet Lag..I am TIRED but 'sardine cans' do that to a person.
I did not sleep very much on the flight but saw a lot of films, one starring Peter O'Toole. The story was about a buttoned up family who had lost a son in the Boer War and the father had never grieved for him. They meet a Dean who when he drank a particular liquer imagines himself to be the reincarted dog who happened to belong to the Peter O'Toole character. It started off a little bit weird and slowly developed into a lovely film and almost had me in tears when the father finally broke down over the loss of his beloved son. Well worth the watch. Can not remember the film name but it was a New Zealand production.
Funny the details that stick.
Anyway, I am off to unpack now and then back to the office for 1.00 start. Sydney suddenly seems a very long way off. Sad, but as my son says, 'Mum, it is what it is' He is a very nice chap but realistic, unlike his Mother.
p.s. It bugged me that I could not remember the name of that film so I googled it: "Dean Spanley" is the name. Well worth taking the time to look up the name as I now feel great! I love Google.

Friday, 5 June 2009

23 Hours In a Sardine Can!

Well girls, think of me tomorrow (Saturday) at 3.20 p.m. sitting on a plane waiting to take off leaving my gorgeous family and friends in Australia. The only consolation is that my daughter is a lot better and I shall be coming back to my ever tolerant Husband and family in U.K with the No. One Son coming home in less than two weeks.
(Pity I Missed The Summer :)
p.s. I am 9 hours ahead of you and I am now packing......yuck!
I shall be grumpy and jet lagged next time I write.
HeHe! Not really, I don't believe in it,