Saturday, 9 January 2010

I love parcels!

Just look what arrived in the post! This is a gift from a friend in the crafting world. Shirley from Pussy Galore. It is a little Sock Kitten made to celebrate the birth of our newest grandaughter, Lucy Elizabeth. This was a total surprise and I am thrilled with it. The packaging was superb as well! I had commissioned Shirley to make me a photograph album, which be the way is also fabulous and this arrived in the post with it. I have put my Flickr link in for you to see the other items. This is the link for Pussy Galore

.3 lbs How much is that in real money???

This is the money raised so far on my Misi Slimathon. It should actually be a bit more but could not work out how much extra for the .3 lb I am not worried as I shall make it all right at the end of March, closing date.

Kitty Bank is turned away because he actually has 'Chocolate Fund' printed on his tummy. If I can work our how I shall make a label to cover that bit. Just going to write another blog about a fabulous crafter. See you in a tick!