Tuesday, 8 June 2010


This is a piece of my cross stitch from years ago. I would think maybe 8 years ago, or more. I say 8 years as that is when my obsession with beads began.
I have listed it in my Folksy supplies shop. I am doing the daily challenge of listing in my Craft Cupboard shop. http://www.folksy.com/shops/CraftCupboard

I decided to concentrate on my supplies and odds and ends shop as I have recently, with the help of Rosy Tint, signed up for Google Analytics. This is a double edged sword as I now watch the figures on a daily basis, more time in front of the computer. Unless I list, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Forum every day about each of my shops I fall behind on the viewings. I can quite understand how people make the decision to close shops. It is not a case of 'just listing' we have to keep on keeping on with all of them.

But, which to choose to close down. I have better sales on Misi supplies shop, better sales on Folksy beading shop. Numbers are not brilliant, but I am hopeless at giving up on things so I am now in a challenge to list daily on Misi beading shop!

Anyway, my blogging figures were on the floor, so I am now blogging daily, the figures leapt 1,000+ % (from 3!!)

So girls, here is today's offering and now I am off to list on Misi, as I said I have done the Folksy one, and I may see you tomorrow if I have any news.....