Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm here!

Well, I take it back. I flew economy Etihad to Sydney and all good. Flight crew, food and plane all good. On time too.
Up till now because of a bad back I had convinced my husband that I had to fly premium economy, well business would be good but I have not sold enough jewellery yet. But, convinced by my son I took the 500 pound offer, instead of 1500 and do you know girls, it was not bad!
Must go, my grandaughter is about to throw herself off the bed....it is fabulous to be spending time with her. And my daughter !!!
Will send picture soon! By all x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Change of Plans!

This necklace is by Janice, she is the other half of Talking Beads. Isn't it lovely? It has gone to Lovely Shoes in Devizes, but she can make a similar one for you if you want one I am sure. (We don't make two of anything really, we like our stuff to be originals. Sounds grand doesn't it but I would not like to meet my necklace coming down the road towards me!!

Wow! After talking to my daughter last night we have decided that it would be nice for me to go....Thursday!

So, things to do: List some more pictures on MISI and Talking Beads. Wash and iron clothes for trip. Get money out of bank. Spring Clean House. Lose 2 stone.... forget the last two maybe.
I can still access this from over there, so you may get some upside down news.

Night Night girlies. Jean x

Monday, 18 May 2009


I am off to see this little one. The nice lady in Trailfinders has found me a seat on the new 380 airbus and so all I have to do is give her my credit card details (not such a nice lady) and then I am booked to go and see Alice. (and her Mum and Dad too, of course.)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

New Creations for Lovely Shoes!

These are my new creations today, I went in to see Michelle at the shop where we sell our jewellery, Lovely Shoes, Devizes, and she thought that Green, orange and something bold would be good this time. I am very pleased with the way they have come out. I have had all of these beads in my boxes for a while now and no inspiration, but today it all came together. Let's hope there is plenty of money in Devizes next week!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

The weather here in Devizes is very grey, drizzly and I don't want to go to work. But, if I don't go I will not be able to meet the girls for a lunchtime drink to celebrate Tami's birthday. I will then know if she likes her pendant.....ooh!

Anyway, I was sat here writing to my kids, telling them 'Mum has a Blog' and remembering the lovely holiday we had in Sydney whilst attending my daughter's wedding last November to a lovely Aussie chap (Hi! Tim) and so thought I would give you a taste of Manly Beach Sunshine. These are my lovely children and I can not wait to go back.

p.s. Tami loved her pendant and was very impressed that we had researched the emerald crystals and meaning of the pearls. She put it on straight away.Whew!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thank goodness, all my followers are back!! Whew!


Help! Where are you, the heading is there but the people have gone... Now what have I done.

Had a great day at work today, truly. I am a receptionist and as you can expect we have quiet days and frantic ones too. Today was not frantic. I was sat reading the paper (shocking) when a director came in and asked me if I had time to do a little job between phone calls. I don't think he was being funny....
Anyway I was happily filling up Health & Safety Manuals for all of our Plumbers when another Director came along and was surprised to see that I had been given the job. Well, as I said, it is cheaper for me per hour to do it than a Director and I was quite surprised when someone else asked me if I minded. No, actually, I get paid to do as I am asked from 1.00 to 5.30.
Am I odd!!!! You can answer that if you like... Off now to watch Taggart.
p.s. Look what I saw out of my bedroom window this morning. We live in a quiet cul - de -sac but not near any farms really. I am told he is a rode island red. He pecked around all day and then at bed time his owners came along and took him off. Very odd. We often get ducks, but we are very close to a canal. Now I am off to watch Taggart!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tami's Birthday

I bought this gorgeous pendant last year and so when a friend at work wanted a special gift for a 40th birthday in May I thought this would be good. She chose the pearls because they are meant to be for wellbeing and the emerald as it is the birthstone for May.
Hope she likes it.
I am pleased with it, I have a clear crystal leaf as well so now a few ideas of how to use it!

These are the beads I told you about, the link is in the last post. Aren't they gorgeous. LaLa's work is fabulous and I have used her beads to make a lovely pendant. Can not show you as it was a gift and I, as always, was late doing it and had to wrap it before photographing it. The new owner was thrilled and wants to know how she got the gorgeous green marble inside. No Idea Sue!

At Last, I have worked out how to put a link in for Lala's beads!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Well, they have gone now. 20 pairs of earrings to Amy. (I know there are only 10 here, these are mine!) She is taking little goodie bags for us at MISI with our business cards/samples to her next craft fair to publicize us all. Another MISI girl is going to do one for Lincolnshire to spread the word.
Amy works under the name of Mimi and her paintings of St Ives in Cornwall are beautiful. I have two so I can assure you they are good! You can find her under Art by Mimi on MISI.

Well, still in dressing gown and no work done yet, so as it is now 10.00 I should move myself and get off this computer and get ready for work...

Monday, 11 May 2009


Will someone buy these beads, please, I think they are fabulous and would love them but I must not buy them until I have used the last ones from LaLa
She makes fabulous beads. Very well finished. Go on someone!

I was thrilled that this was the first commission I received from MISI. Handbag charms, they look quite large here but the 'angel' is only just over 1" high.

Tracy wanted four charms to give them to friends and we chose birthstone colours and this is the emerald one for May.

It is so exciting to make a sale!!


Golly, I've done it now.....

Good Morning all,

I have just signed into this blogging because I have seen so many others doing great ones, now I am wondering what to put here.
So, can I have some ideas please!!!
Bye from Jean x