Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Happiness is.....

One: Jean at Little Scruffs, this teddy bear is an early Jean Grogan! I bought her for a friend at the Misi Event. Can not bear to let her go....she even has a pair of earring now! I am calling her Bette (Lynch!)
Two: The little sectioned dish next to her is from Noseks Just Gems. It is for my swarovski crystals. I love boxes with sections.
Sad, but true!

New bracelet

Hello all. How is the Christmas rush going for you. I am very calm here drinking a gin and tonic watching Spooks. Scares me to bits, although I do not always understand it all. Roz is not centre stage today and she is my favourite character.
This is my newest item. It is not listed yet as still warm from the crimping pliers!! It will be tomorrow. Red holly berry colour teamed with chunky black polished lava beads on wire with a huge Karen Silver toggle. I love it. Tempted to keep it for me!! That is the gin talking!!
Night night girls!