Friday, 31 July 2009

Red Sponge

No not red sponge 'cake' but red sponge coral. This is made by the other half of talking beads, Janice. She is not into blogs, web sites and forums!
So, I came on here to show you. It is gorgeous and I am liking it a lot. If you want to buy it the link to the shops is on the top right hand side of the blog.
I know someone it would look FAB-U-LOUS on, if she sees this, you know who you are (Maria!)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Clip On's

Would it be a good idea to offer the earrings with this fitting?
Just on a forum and someone is saying she cannot wear pierced earrings...Just wondered if I should get some in and try them.
Happy Monday...raining here. Just as well I shall be at work this p.m.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Sunday

Here is another of our offerings. I have listed it onto Dreamaid and MISI. I would not like to hazard a guess as to the number of beads on here. HUNDREDS. This would normally take around 2 evenings to make!!
Tired now....Night Night!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New tonight!

Here is my latest creation.

I am very pleased with it and then when see them together I wonder if I should have made the earrings with a clear body!

Oh the trials of a jewellery designer!!!!

Opinions Please girls x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Treat yourself to something nice!

Have a look at Knitwits on

My fabulous scarf arrived in the post today. I won a blog giveaway from Knitwits. It is in shades of pink and will go with EVERYTHING even my pink spotty p.j's! The 'wool' looks like lots of chopped up ribbon. In this weather I need a scarf. It is cold down here and wet. So thank you to Elaine and Knitwits. Have a look at her page as it is full knitted goodies. Including skittles!

Also, when you have finished with the knitting go and have a look at Blue Stripes from Folksy. I bought a fabulous handbag. I have had my eye on it for a while and so treated myself. I keep doing that..... Should concentrate on selling not buying. My poor little paypal account is very thin and weedy. Claire is on

Thursday, 16 July 2009

p.s. I have just listed the Black Night necklace set on Dreamaid. Bottom picture.
Have you heard of them? They are a charity site. When you sell an item you can donate a percentage of the sale price to them.
Lovely people and at the moment they are growing so they have time for all of us and answer any silly questions really quickly and do not make you feel like an idiot. Well they were nice to me...
Right, no more computer tonight. I am off to do my knitting before the grandaughter grows out of the jacket before she even sees it.

Packaging is important.

I almost cried when this came through the post. This is Tomas. He is so wonderful. I have wanted one of Little Scruffs Bears ever since I saw them on MISI and now I have thrown caution to the wind and have bought one for my grandaughter. I shall keep it until she is older as she is only 20 months old! So, I can have a few years of loving him and then Tomas goes to live in Australia. This is not a good picture of him. Jean at Little Scruffs is so much better than me at photographs.

These pictures are of the packaging from Calico and Threads. I am getting a thing about packaging. Since I have been buying from MISI and Folksy I have realised that it is not the same as receiving an order from M&S. When the packaging is as thoughtful as this it is a gift to yourself.

This is the newest creation! I sold the little flower earrings on MISI yesterday. To be honest I had forgotten about them and was looking for a picture for my blog and thought I would pop them on. Within minutes they had sold. Wish every day was like that!
So today I took out my black beads and this is the result.
I thought it would be nice to make a necklace and then a bracelet grew too!
I love days when a plan comes together.

I won

Just a quick note! I won the Knitwits blog giveaway. I loved the scarf she was giving away and entered in the same spirit as I do a raffle. Nice to give support but no hope but this time I won!!!
Will send you picture when it comes.
Also, 2 of my three winners is delighted to try out the pattern. Sew Scrumptious and Knitwits too. Not a fix I promise! The winners had to be girls who had not done beading before.
Thank you all of you for entering and when the girls have finished I will let you know how we how it goes. Unless I am under the table hiding because the pattern is rubbish!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blog Giveaway

Well Folks, we have Three Winners.

Why Three?? I am going to launch a pattern for a bracelet made using bead weaving. But, I needed to have the pattern tested.
Janice and I can do it so we would know what the pattern meant even if it did not say it in the right words/pictures.

That is where my testers come in.

I am going to e-mail them all and ask if any of them have the time and patience to have a go at testing our pattern for a Beaded Bracelet. If I no one wants to have a go I may have to go and do the draw again!!

Blog Giveaway

Well girls, I have 12 people who have entered my blog giveaway. I shall be choosing the short list tonight. . . . .
As I always give you a photo here is a random picture of me with my son on my birthday in March. Oh Yes! I am a mad Piscean.
Do you recognise the location?
I have come up with an idea for a use for some of the material from a Stash Swap I am involved with over at MISI and want to do that today. My stash came from Moppy and is LOADS of fabric. So, have a good day and I will chat to you later.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


No I had not forgotten about the giveaway to my followers!

I have 10 so far and would like more contestants to choose from. I have a particular idea in mind and need volunteers!!
I shall be setting the closing date in the next couple of days.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Yes, it is true, We have a page on Facebook now as well. I shall have to give up sleeping soon to keep up with Talking Beads, MISI, Folksy and now Facebook.

Be better if I gave up eating, could do with losing a few pounds (laugh hysterically) before I go to Dubai in September!

Anyway, What do you think about us listing our seed bead jewellery? This picture is a little dark but I always like to see images on Blogs so this is for you. Good Night People x x x

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Today we went on a trip down memory lane with My Husbands parents and we arrived by chance in Sutton Benger and here is the house that was my first home. Isn't it fabulous. At the time it was the local Police Station and my Dad was the local bobby on his bike. We moved from there in around 1955 I think. It is now a family home but is called The Old Police House, which in fact is just what it is!!

Well, here we are, I have succumbed to the dreaded facebook! I left them in Dec 2007 but my MISI friends say I should try it. Well, my details and family friends and pictures are still idea how to get rid of them. Not my friends just the messages from 2 years ago.

So, you can come and have a look and tell me you like me! That is the only button I understand really. I pressed it myself you see, and now it says that Jean liked herself..How embarrasing!
I am going to bed now before I can do any more harm. Good night.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Excited of Devizes!

Ooooh! I am off to Shaftesbury. Not to walk up the Hovis Hill, as we call it or anything cultural.

I am going to Stitch'n'craft for some beads. I have a new pattern that I want to make from seed beads.

Have not picked up my needle and thread for a long while but have a commission as well for some daisy necklaces so, off we jolly well go.

I will, of course, take a list....for the things I need. Then come back with a lot of things I do not!!!!

The last time I did seed beading was to teach this little baby. We all decided it was gorgeous BUT would probably make a bracelet next time. It is a lovely pattern and so simple but you have to count all of the time. So, for a necklace it is a lot of counting.

If anyone wants to buy the necklace or kit just ping me a message. Necklace £12. Kit £16 (Kit is from my previous identity, Three Jays Beading.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Sunshine Bookmarks

Do you like these! I was asked by the lovely Claire at Blue Stripes, on Folksy, to design a yellow bookmark for her daughter and I as always can not make just one. So, made two, I hope she likes one of them.

They are made from 'gold' coloured metal and 'silver' coloured metal and the head pins are gold filled and sterling silver.
I am very happy with them and tomorrow I have ideas for more. I am off now to look for a link for Claire.
p.s. Yippee, Claire did like my bookmark, the one on the right, and she bought it. shhh, don't tell her daughter. Goodnight folks.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Hello, I am fed up!

Not my usual state of mind but today I have a migraine. Only mild I am sure otherwise I would not be able to write this moaning minnie blog. But, to me it is not very nice. So, tiger balm and parecetamol and a choc chip cookie is my remedy.
That is it. Just to let you know.
By the way, I was playing with the settings on my blog and I realise that I have deleted some entries that I did not mean to. I am still trying to link to my other sites. Hopeless.
Tonight I shall be revealing the prize for my giveaway.

Now I am going to get ready for lunch is 11.36 a.m. and I am still in p.j.'s

See me at:

Friday, 3 July 2009

Tagged by AMI

Good Evening!

I have been tagged and now I am tagging 8 people, so here goes: All they have to do is a) Answer the questions b) Rework the questions + delete one you do not like and put in an alternative c) Think of a new question d) Tag 8 people to do the same.

Your current obsession: Forums and Crytals

Weirdest Obsession: Always have to make the bed. Never ever get into an unmade bed.

What are you Wearing: Just home from work so office gear.

What is for Dinner: Whatever my husband will go out and buy, whacked!

Favourite Book: Still Alice

Last Thing you Bought: White cardigan from Wallis

What can you hear right now: Nothing but the wind in the trees and a cockerel down the road.

Favourite flavour of Ice Cream: Anything chocolate

What do you think of the person who tagged you: I only know her through her blog, she is a very busy girl and I would like some physio for my sciatica!

Where is the world would you go if I gave you a plane ticket: Mosman via Dubai (Mosman My Daughter) (Dubai My Son)

Which language would you learn: Italian

Who do you want to meet right now: The man from the Lottery with a big cheque for me

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite item of clothing: At the moment the cut offs I shall be putting on as soon as this is finished!

What size shoes are you: 7

You have £100 to spare, what will you buy: A dress, I don't have one.

Favourite time of day: Early morning before all of the grumpy people wake up.

Who's style do you most admire: Judy Dench

What is your own style: Tidy and boring

What are you going to do next: Go and hassle the husband for dinner

Favourite Films: The ones I watch on planes - Rabbit Proof Fence is very good but shocking and also Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman

Favourite Fruit: Raspberries

What inspires you: Nice people.

What Music is your favourite this week: Music that can be played indoors with the window open when I am in the garden.

Do you have a dream job: Working in/Owning a craft shop with a coffee and cake shop in the back!

What is stopping you: Courage and money

What would you change in the world: Bring back respect for other peoples way of life. Politeness is the best thing you can teach a child.

Favourite animal: Collie Dog

Favourite Tool: Crimping Pliers!

What would your job have been in Victorian times: Knowing my luck, a scullery maid. I hate housework.

People I am now tagging:

Sprinkles Sparkles; Here Pretty Kitty; Designs by Isis; Mad about Bags; Uniquely Snowflake;

Little Scruffs Miniature Bears; Moppy; Hennie

I chose them because I either like their sites or I follow them on forums. I sound like a stalker now.....

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well, that was not quite what I wanted!!! I wanted the pictures to be one on top of the other but with a space in between for me to write in.

Anyway, my new bookmark is on the left! She is a sweet little angel made from Swarovski Crystals and dangles from a white metal wiggly bookmark. She is going up for sale at £6 inc postage and packing.

Next picture is my wonderful Stash Swop from Moppy on MISI. We agreed to send a bag of our bits and bobs to someone to the value of £5. I think I just got really lucky! All we have to do (!!!)is use up all of the bits and bobs by 1st August! See you on 1st August, I shall be up to my neck in sewing until then. Actually I am looking forward to it.

I have been tagged too, AMI designs.
So I will deal with that in the morning when it is cooler.....