Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's a Tradition!!

Every year we buy our Christmas tree the Sunday before Christmas and then decorate it and eat mince pies and listen to Christmas Carols on TV! Oh! How lovely I hear your cry.
Well, this year we had planned to go to Manchester to taste the high life in the city with our son. Maybe go on the Manchester Eye, go to the Comedy Club and have a smart meal at a steak house where they bring the raw steaks round for you to choose (that bit is not so nice!) So, we bought the tree last Sunday and following instructions stuck it into a bucket of water outdoors to keep it fresh.

Weather conditions meant we had to cancel our trip as apparently the roads yesterday around Manchester were lethal. Our son drove around a corner and met a car facing the wrong way in front of him...driver went into a skid apparently and did a U-Turn. Scary for both of them I would imagine.
Anyway, we went over to visit the in-laws this morning in Corsham and almost did not get out of their estate. A lovely couple clearing the road of ice and snow (no not from the council!) gave us a push. We came home ready to bring the tree in and dress it whilst the mince pies were cooking.

The tree has frozen into the bucket.

That is all folks - Thought I would share that with you. I think it is hilarious, husband does not. Which I think is even funnier!!

See you soon x