Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Help - I Can't Remember

For around four years I made and sold jewellery at Craft Shows, online and to friends. I sold a coral glass and china bead necklace to a work colleague who is now a friend.

A few months ago this friend handed me a bag of beads and told me her granddaughter had had an accident with it and would I please mend it for her. No Problem Sue.

Came home with the bag of beads and looked in the bag and closed it again. Oh My, I had no recollection whatsoever. . . . . Perhaps my bead friend had made it and Sue saw it at a Craft Fair. Nope!

Tonight I have settled down with the beads and this is the design I have come up with, but I have a feeling it was a-symmetrical design, maybe? I hope Sue likes the new way. ( I have a few beads leftover, bit like a flat pack kit I suppose)