Sunday, 12 June 2011


You have not heard from me for a long while and I thought I must move my sorry behind and get back to you. No beading has been done since January I know but I am still here.

In early March I went over for my annual fix of the grandaughters, and of course their Mum, then I came home and went into a low self pitying mood and could not be bothered, sorry but it is true!

Then we heard that Karen and the girls would be coming home sometime this year so we started to decorate!! Actually, we started the bathroom last August...long story. So, in our usual lazy way we did not start to sort out our MOUNTAIN of clutter until she actually booked the flight. Which gave us 9 days to get ready....

We made it in time, 'it' included emptying our office of 3 filing cabinets and associated computer 'stuff' into our 13 foot square bedroom, so that we could put in a single bed and a cot. Then making space in the wardrobes in our grandly called guest room for Karen to put in 5 weeks worth of her stuff! This on top of cleaning the whole house, obviously. I think we did an amazing job :) It was worth it.

Anyway, this is a picture of my lovely girls jumping over their Uncle whilst he was watching the Grand Prix Quali yesterday! He was very very good tempered about it but drove back to Manchester this morning to watch the race on his own tv! Actually, as I type the retched race is still on, hence me writing this on the kitchen table instead of watching Case Histories!
I will come back in less than 5 months this time, I promise!!