Thursday, 16 July 2009

p.s. I have just listed the Black Night necklace set on Dreamaid. Bottom picture.
Have you heard of them? They are a charity site. When you sell an item you can donate a percentage of the sale price to them.
Lovely people and at the moment they are growing so they have time for all of us and answer any silly questions really quickly and do not make you feel like an idiot. Well they were nice to me...
Right, no more computer tonight. I am off to do my knitting before the grandaughter grows out of the jacket before she even sees it.

Packaging is important.

I almost cried when this came through the post. This is Tomas. He is so wonderful. I have wanted one of Little Scruffs Bears ever since I saw them on MISI and now I have thrown caution to the wind and have bought one for my grandaughter. I shall keep it until she is older as she is only 20 months old! So, I can have a few years of loving him and then Tomas goes to live in Australia. This is not a good picture of him. Jean at Little Scruffs is so much better than me at photographs.

These pictures are of the packaging from Calico and Threads. I am getting a thing about packaging. Since I have been buying from MISI and Folksy I have realised that it is not the same as receiving an order from M&S. When the packaging is as thoughtful as this it is a gift to yourself.

This is the newest creation! I sold the little flower earrings on MISI yesterday. To be honest I had forgotten about them and was looking for a picture for my blog and thought I would pop them on. Within minutes they had sold. Wish every day was like that!
So today I took out my black beads and this is the result.
I thought it would be nice to make a necklace and then a bracelet grew too!
I love days when a plan comes together.

I won

Just a quick note! I won the Knitwits blog giveaway. I loved the scarf she was giving away and entered in the same spirit as I do a raffle. Nice to give support but no hope but this time I won!!!
Will send you picture when it comes.
Also, 2 of my three winners is delighted to try out the pattern. Sew Scrumptious and Knitwits too. Not a fix I promise! The winners had to be girls who had not done beading before.
Thank you all of you for entering and when the girls have finished I will let you know how we how it goes. Unless I am under the table hiding because the pattern is rubbish!!