Sunday, 14 June 2009

Name it to Win it!

I did enjoy making this gift. It is a Free Giveaway, all you have to do is think of a name and the one chosen will win it.
Leave me a comment and all of the names will go in a hat on Thursday 18th (would have been my Mum's Birthday) and I will draw a winner and post it here.
Once I had my beads out I 'found' some lovely yellow trumpet shapes so I may have a go at those for the site. I have nothing on MISI at the moment as I am having a sort out.
The new stuff will be up tonight, or early dawn tomorrow. My Folksy store is still stocked as is my Dreamaid store.
*******Just finished putting up a lot of stuff on my MISI store, more to come later when I have had a gin and tonic!! ******************

Less is more!

Just browsing MISI this morning, as you do, and I found this lovely wedding card. Most wedding cards are so 'old' or 'cutesy' but I like this as it is different and just simple. I have not stumbled across this seller before and I am glad I did as I am now going to ask her to make a card for me.
Sun us shining and it is a lovely warm day here in Devizes so I must think of something nice to do today to celebrate. Find the sun tan lotion for a start. We sat outside yesterday for half an hour in the sun having coffee and now I have bright pink forearms!! The rest of me is white though, so not a good look.
So, to celebrate I am going to go downstairs and have a look in my box of beads and make a special 'the sun is shining BLOG GIVEAWAY' and then list it later. I will ask for a name and the best one will receive the ????
Enjoy today and pop by later and leave a name via the COMMENT button.