Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I have taken off the Rose Tinted Glasses!!

I have just been doing my accounts for my online sales for the tax year 2009/2010
Now this is something we all have to do and I know you all know what you are doing with your sales, pricing, promoting and generally flogging a dead horse but I have always chosen to ignore the obvious and carry on regardless!

Those of you who know me in person know I am a friendly, welcoming person. Everyone is my friend until they prove otherwise. Rather disorganised too! also know I am one of those daft people who like to think I am funding my hobby!!! No offence intended!

So, back to the books. I am terrified of getting it wrong so I write down every single sale, if someone pays me £2 for a keyring I dutifully hand it over to Janice to put into the bank. Everything I sell is accounted for somewhere and today was the turn of the online sales tally :(

I have written down in a little black book, provided by my husband, every sale from my online shops inc postage and packing. Minus the commission fees to the site, listing fees and paypal fees, which I am horrified at may I add! (told you I was 'stupid') I do wonder how anyone selling at £2-£3 on everything makes any money.

So, although I have not added up my meagre sales and subtracted the commissions I know I am going to get such a telling off from 'him indoors' when he gets home!! I shall be at work so will have a slight reprieve as he knows he is not allowed to ring me at work to shout at me! Only 'nice' phone calls. i.e. Hello, how are you. Do we need any shopping.

So, here is a picture for you as always. The snowflakes are back in Folksy, sold all but the lilac ones, and I have even dropped the price. They were £4.50 now they are £3.25

I bet you thought I would have raised the prices!!!