Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Pete from Bodrighy makes Crochet Hooks. Once I knew that I just had to have one and I am very very lucky because Pete and I have been doing some bartering and now I own a gorgeous Bodrighy Crochet Hook of my very own. Well, it could be called bartering, or that Pete and I exchanged gifts!

I do believe in having nice things if I can, it makes me believe my work will have more beauty too. I have pretty embroidery scissors with a hand made (by me) Hardanger Heart Scissor Keeper and I also have a hand crafted project box, also made from wood which I use every day.
I even keep my wool and patterns etc in a hand made cotton bag bought when I visited Australia.
I have probably spent too much money on these fine items but I do not care. Did you hear that 'Money Police' ?? I do not even buy them through the business!

I also HATE storing things in carrier bags. Carrier Bags are for carrying shopping home and then using as bin liners.

I just read this post back and I sound on the defensive. I do apologise. I was just saying! Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.