Friday, 12 February 2010

New at Talking Beads

Hello folks and folkesses! I am sorry I have not been about lately. I have been working on this little beauty (even if I do say so myself). For something so small it has taken a while to get right. I have already sold one to Sam at PantsandPaper and sent off two for road testing to Mrs G Knits and PussyGalore! Lovely names.
Anyway, this is a scissor keeper and a pin cushion. This is the link to Folksy where it is listed with more images. Hope you like it. There are another 5 made and ready for their ribbons and tags. For those of you with good eyesight I agree, the hole in the card is very poor but I can not find my single hole punch... I will give it another few days to turn up before I go to Smiths to buy another one. Hopeless woman that I am ;)
Good Night for now x