Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why oh Why Me!

I am working all day today (usually only 1.00 - 5.30) so off I toddle to bed with my book at 9.40 last night and lights out at 10.30. Lovely, warm and snuggle and asleep quick sharp. So, why was I awake and alert at 3.30?

Anyway, I have been on the computer doing the rounds of promoting and being nosy already and happened to pop a new bib for Lucy into my shopping cart!! I am now wondering if it is too early to have my breakfast! I could do some housework....or I have time to make the Christmas Angels for Alice and Lucy. As in the picture above. I am planning White and Silver for Lucy (Age One very soon) and Pink and Silver for Alice (just Three last week)

Yes, good idea, I will make the angels and then porridge and then out into the cold morning air and toddle off to the office.
Yesterday it was so cold indoors that I had to wear my body warmer and scarf ALL AFTERNOON!!

See you soon all, keep warm and cozy.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How Cute is This!

Have you met the Diddybears? Cute little hand felted bears with moving arms and legs. You can even buy a sleeping bag for them!
Although they are not suitable for children I am sure I know a lot of adults who would be VERY interested in having one for Christmas. Mine is half made! It is a gift so very exciting I must say.
The maker, Shirley, is so talented. I first came across her when she opened up a Folksy shop called Feltique selling the most stunning felt covered notebooks. This is her latest venture.
To toddle off to have a look, the shop closes for Christmas on December 17th so not long now!

Monday, 15 November 2010

html - Apparently

What a fabulous sunny day in Devizes again. Update on my progress....

I can hold my head up high all thanks to: http://www.folksy.com/shops/Squintessential and her html skills. I think that is what they are called!!

I can post clickable links into the Folksy Forum!!

The veiwings for my shop have shot up and since I started posting the pictures on the forum on Sunday I have had 2 sales!
Sunday it was a snowflake and last night it was a pair of Christmas Tree earrings!

So.....For you out there who can do all of the above I apologise for my excitement and to those of you who can not, YOU CAN!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

More from Folksy

Folksy have given us Sections for our shops. Brilliant. So easy to use as well, which will come as a great relief to my friend Rachael, she is my little web guru!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Still At It!!

Good Morning on this blustery day. I am still listing in the November Sparks listing challenge. Day 11 and I have run out of images! This full time working is no fun you know, it is sooooo time consuming! Still, on payday I shall be a very happy bunny.
I digress............ I have resorted to a 'relist' today for the challenge and it is a very pretty grey glass bead bracelet Janice made in the summer. Click on the Title to go to listing.

As I always like to have a picture in my blogs here is a picture taken on a very wet and blustery night the night of the fireworks competition.
Have a good day.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Craft Fair

We had a lovely time yesterday at the craft fair. Apparently the footfall was a lot better than in recent times. A lot of the beads sold and a fair amount of the decorations as well as a few odds and bits.
The organiser brings along home made cakes for the crafters. Yum! The Diet Police will be relieved to know that I did not eat any of the gorgeous cake on offer. A-maz-ing!

Have a good Sunday.

Friday, 5 November 2010


I decided that I needed better pictures of this necklace so I took it into the garden to have another try. This is the result! I have tried Macro and it does not work for me although I know it does for a lot of you. This is Intelligent Auto and is normally brilliant.

It just can not take the rain!!!

So, maybe tomorrow before the craft fair I may have more luck. Or Sunday.....
We are off to The Guildhall in Bath tomorrow, if it is not cancelled at lunch time! I am off to work now so will not be here if the email does come in.
Have a good day girls and boys.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wake Up Jean

I am making a Christmas Shopping list at the moment. Ideas of things to buy and if anyone is interested, things I would like to receive.
I thought of something new just now. A new Memory please. The one I have is wearing out and so by Christmas I would appreciate a nice new alert memory please.

What prompted this? On Sunday I made draft listings of 6 items for the November Sparks on Folksy. I am working full time at the moment so I thought I would get ahead of myself.
I have just listed todays item FROM SCRATCH as in my tumble out of bed state I had forgotten that it was in my draft area on Folksy already.....as I was writing the description I thought it sounded familiar.

Have a good day all!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Bit of Fun

Good Morning! I am in the Folksy Listing club again this month. I ran out of items and did not get going with the October club but I am now ready to list every day. I have made, photographed and edited 6 items and have 2 more downstairs to do this morning. When and if it gets properly light....!
All I have to do is keep ahead of myself and all will be well.
It is a great way to keep me focused on one thing at a time as I do tend to trip about and waste time doing half a job.
So here is my first offering. Wine Glass Charms. I have done my research and the prices charged are between £1-£2 per charm so I have made up little packs of two and at the moment they are £2 online and may be £3 at craft fairs. (This did make sense to me when I printed the bag inserts)
Have a good day.