Saturday, 5 June 2010

Poppy Time

This is some of my cross stitch. It was found in a box of 'Craft Stuff' and I have listed it for sale!! It is on linen and at one time I always had an item of cross stitch next to my chair and made so many cards and samplers. Then I found beads...I am now selling off my beads, the ones I can part with that is and I have decided to sell off this as well.
It is sad, but I have had it, and another piece, for a few years and not made it into anything so probably will not now. So, if you are someone who likes to make stuff this is suitable for framing, a cushion centre or for cards. I would like to see it made into a little bag, something girly, fully lined so the back is not visible.
This is where you will find it.
Off to do housework now! I have been saying that for nearly two hours so MUST get on!