Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blog Giveaway

Well Folks, we have Three Winners.

Why Three?? I am going to launch a pattern for a bracelet made using bead weaving. But, I needed to have the pattern tested.
Janice and I can do it so we would know what the pattern meant even if it did not say it in the right words/pictures.

That is where my testers come in.

I am going to e-mail them all and ask if any of them have the time and patience to have a go at testing our pattern for a Beaded Bracelet. If I no one wants to have a go I may have to go and do the draw again!!

Blog Giveaway

Well girls, I have 12 people who have entered my blog giveaway. I shall be choosing the short list tonight. . . . .
As I always give you a photo here is a random picture of me with my son on my birthday in March. Oh Yes! I am a mad Piscean.
Do you recognise the location?
I have come up with an idea for a use for some of the material from a Stash Swap I am involved with over at MISI and want to do that today. My stash came from Moppy and is LOADS of fabric. So, have a good day and I will chat to you later.