Monday, 8 June 2009

This is Alice sitting patiently having her feet measured by a girl from Midlands (England!!) in one of Sydneys department stores. At 18 months she is always on the go but sat still beautifully and then ran around manically as requested by the assistant. Such a good girl.
I am safe and sound at home now and as promised I am not suffering from Jet Lag..I am TIRED but 'sardine cans' do that to a person.
I did not sleep very much on the flight but saw a lot of films, one starring Peter O'Toole. The story was about a buttoned up family who had lost a son in the Boer War and the father had never grieved for him. They meet a Dean who when he drank a particular liquer imagines himself to be the reincarted dog who happened to belong to the Peter O'Toole character. It started off a little bit weird and slowly developed into a lovely film and almost had me in tears when the father finally broke down over the loss of his beloved son. Well worth the watch. Can not remember the film name but it was a New Zealand production.
Funny the details that stick.
Anyway, I am off to unpack now and then back to the office for 1.00 start. Sydney suddenly seems a very long way off. Sad, but as my son says, 'Mum, it is what it is' He is a very nice chap but realistic, unlike his Mother.
p.s. It bugged me that I could not remember the name of that film so I googled it: "Dean Spanley" is the name. Well worth taking the time to look up the name as I now feel great! I love Google.