Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three and A Half Weeks!

What makes you think that today is a toughie!!
I am on the Misi Slimathon and have been going great guns. Today I am recovering from a migraine. It is day two and I think 2 more doses of 'the wonder that is paracetemol' will see it off but I am feeling bit groggy and cold and HUNGRY. I am not hungry at all as I have just had some yummy porridge and coffee, but .....
I have choc and biscuits by the bucket load in the house but do not fancy them, do not know what I want so it is NOT HUNGER!
So, I am going to sit in my warm and tidy lounge with my beading and watch t.v. and relax ready for Tim Wonnacot at 12.15 when it really is time for lunch. Then off to work, which is nice and busy at the moment. That will occupy my mind.
Hope none of the other Misi people are having the same slump.
Bye People x