Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I am very frustrated with Misi. I love that site. I was so excited when I had an email from Emma inviting me to sell on her new shopping site and threw myself into it hook, line and sinker.
Since it grew, and a new gubbins was required to keep up, there have been changes in the Members Area.
Misians will know what I mean.
This has slowed everyone down with listing and forums etc. I have to say I have become quite nippy when it comes to my listing schedule. Firstly I photograph up to 5 items. 6 photos each. Then I edit them all and place in a file 'to list' so that when I am ready I can go to the file and they are ready to go.
Once I decide to list it will take me only 5 mins or so per item to list. I then go onto Twitter, Facebook and Misi Forum to promote my new piece.

Today it took me over 30 minutes to list and forum it. I had to come out several times and go back in as pages would not load.
I always prefer to come out and go back in rather than sit and watch those little green squares!
It is the same as going through the back roads rather than sit for 20minutes in the Bath Road traffic jam.....
Anyway, I then took another 15 minutes going back in to pick up the link to Facebook and Twitter it. Not been to Facebook yet as I really really must get on and....

Actually, I need to go and iron the sofa cover. The sofa is cream, and every year (for 4 years) we have had a man in to dry clean it with chemicals. Lovely man, but he tells us off if it is too grubby! This year we decided to wash it on a cold wash with detergent and Vanish!
The cushions came up a treat and they still fit!! So, emboldened (is that a real word??) with this success we decided to take off the cover. It is the back, arms and skirt. All in one piece and lots of velcro to attach it back onto the sofa frame.
It is clean now but not sure if it still fits. I shall iron it this morning and if it all goes well I shall photograph it and show you tomorrow.
Well, I shall photograph it for you anyway, especially if it does not fit, to brighten your day!

Here is the link to my necklace for today on Misi. It does not 'hot spot' anymore but please have a look anyway.