Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Chocolate anyone!

It is only Tuesday and I am fed up with this losing weight lark!! I am following a low carb regime....and I am thinking of putting £1 coin in a jar for every day I keep under 60 carbs a day!
So I am now obsessed with biscuits and scones. I made some on Sunday from my new Trex cookbook. Free with proof of purchase, get one they are great. The scones were the best I have made, and I make good scones, and the cookies, (I added dried cranberries as I had eaten all of the cooking choc drops), were amazing. So, by Monday my jeans did not need a belt to keep them up.
Hence finding this bracelet. I was thinking about choc and remembered this chocolate bracelet. It is for sale and is on my MISI shop under The Craft Cupboard and I only want £3 for it as this is the destash shop!

I have been doing my accounts recently and I need to stop spending unless I am selling...the nasty man from Westbury has asked to see my accounts so he can do my books. He is very sweet and when he tells me off it is more in sorrow than anger! Actually this is very good for me as I am now realising how much I spend on beads and pearls on the internet. Too much!

So, this bracelet is made from tiny seed beads in 4 stack herringbone stitch with a seed bead woven toggle. You are only paying for the materials, not the labour.

Now off to the day job, that pays for the bread, oh, can't have bread...