Monday, 1 November 2010

Bit of Fun

Good Morning! I am in the Folksy Listing club again this month. I ran out of items and did not get going with the October club but I am now ready to list every day. I have made, photographed and edited 6 items and have 2 more downstairs to do this morning. When and if it gets properly light....!
All I have to do is keep ahead of myself and all will be well.
It is a great way to keep me focused on one thing at a time as I do tend to trip about and waste time doing half a job.
So here is my first offering. Wine Glass Charms. I have done my research and the prices charged are between £1-£2 per charm so I have made up little packs of two and at the moment they are £2 online and may be £3 at craft fairs. (This did make sense to me when I printed the bag inserts)
Have a good day.