Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nearly Over!

I always like to give you a photo so here is one for today. You remember the story of the frozen tree? Well, it defrosted and here is a photo of the finished article. It has just started dropping it's needles so when my son goes home later today we will dismantle it and have a good clean up - again. It only seems a few days ago that I was getting the house ready for Christmas. I suppose the next big deal will be me packing for Australia! Robert, husband, is looking at flights and our daughter wants to know if we are coming to visit her and the girls, so I think we will have to get a shimmy on!
We do not really 'DO' New Years Eve but we may go to friends or we may go to B.I.L. so will let you know!
Happy New Year everyone, and good luck for 2011.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's a Tradition!!

Every year we buy our Christmas tree the Sunday before Christmas and then decorate it and eat mince pies and listen to Christmas Carols on TV! Oh! How lovely I hear your cry.
Well, this year we had planned to go to Manchester to taste the high life in the city with our son. Maybe go on the Manchester Eye, go to the Comedy Club and have a smart meal at a steak house where they bring the raw steaks round for you to choose (that bit is not so nice!) So, we bought the tree last Sunday and following instructions stuck it into a bucket of water outdoors to keep it fresh.

Weather conditions meant we had to cancel our trip as apparently the roads yesterday around Manchester were lethal. Our son drove around a corner and met a car facing the wrong way in front of him...driver went into a skid apparently and did a U-Turn. Scary for both of them I would imagine.
Anyway, we went over to visit the in-laws this morning in Corsham and almost did not get out of their estate. A lovely couple clearing the road of ice and snow (no not from the council!) gave us a push. We came home ready to bring the tree in and dress it whilst the mince pies were cooking.

The tree has frozen into the bucket.

That is all folks - Thought I would share that with you. I think it is hilarious, husband does not. Which I think is even funnier!!

See you soon x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

oh! There they are!!

I made these a while ago and listed them. Subsequently the lady at The Lansdowne, Chippenham asked if she could buy them when we attended her Craft Fair. I did not have them in my stock problem, I made another pair! Lucky eh!

Janice gave me a bag on Monday with bits of my jewellery she had 'found' in amongst hers when she was having a sort out. Yep, you guessed it. My little angels!!

So, I have now listed them and if you, or a friend, are quick you will be just in time to order them to have them in the post in plenty of time for Christmas!! Quick!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I have taken off the Rose Tinted Glasses!!

I have just been doing my accounts for my online sales for the tax year 2009/2010
Now this is something we all have to do and I know you all know what you are doing with your sales, pricing, promoting and generally flogging a dead horse but I have always chosen to ignore the obvious and carry on regardless!

Those of you who know me in person know I am a friendly, welcoming person. Everyone is my friend until they prove otherwise. Rather disorganised too! also know I am one of those daft people who like to think I am funding my hobby!!! No offence intended!

So, back to the books. I am terrified of getting it wrong so I write down every single sale, if someone pays me £2 for a keyring I dutifully hand it over to Janice to put into the bank. Everything I sell is accounted for somewhere and today was the turn of the online sales tally :(

I have written down in a little black book, provided by my husband, every sale from my online shops inc postage and packing. Minus the commission fees to the site, listing fees and paypal fees, which I am horrified at may I add! (told you I was 'stupid') I do wonder how anyone selling at £2-£3 on everything makes any money.

So, although I have not added up my meagre sales and subtracted the commissions I know I am going to get such a telling off from 'him indoors' when he gets home!! I shall be at work so will have a slight reprieve as he knows he is not allowed to ring me at work to shout at me! Only 'nice' phone calls. i.e. Hello, how are you. Do we need any shopping.

So, here is a picture for you as always. The snowflakes are back in Folksy, sold all but the lilac ones, and I have even dropped the price. They were £4.50 now they are £3.25

I bet you thought I would have raised the prices!!!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I am Back!!

I have been a little busy back here at the old homestead but have now caught up and I have listed a couple of new items on Folksy in the December Elves Challenge. More later today I hope....

and......with a little help from my friends Joy and Chrissy I have made a start on packing up the presents. The Australian parcels were done and sent over a period of a few days last week and now I must start on the English parcels. (We do not send just one parcel in case one year it goes missing.)

I have, as usual, bought bits and pieces over the last month and now need to allocate them. I do try to shop for people and tick off a list but I see some gorgeous things on Folksy and Misi and I just have to buy them. By the time I come to wrap I discover I have several items for one person and have nothing for others! HeyHo! It is all good fun. I always think it is better to have a parcel with several small items than one big item I hate. At least you stand a chance of one of the three items being acceptable.

No? Never mind, they are all good quality items so I know they will not be wasted.

The parcel in the photo is wrapped using Phoenix plastic wrap over plain paper from Joy Shallcross and the tag is from Chrissys Cards.

Off to match up some gifts now!