Monday, 11 May 2009

Will someone buy these beads, please, I think they are fabulous and would love them but I must not buy them until I have used the last ones from LaLa
She makes fabulous beads. Very well finished. Go on someone!

I was thrilled that this was the first commission I received from MISI. Handbag charms, they look quite large here but the 'angel' is only just over 1" high.

Tracy wanted four charms to give them to friends and we chose birthstone colours and this is the emerald one for May.

It is so exciting to make a sale!!

Golly, I've done it now.....

Good Morning all,

I have just signed into this blogging because I have seen so many others doing great ones, now I am wondering what to put here.
So, can I have some ideas please!!!
Bye from Jean x