Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I am Back!!

I have been a little busy back here at the old homestead but have now caught up and I have listed a couple of new items on Folksy in the December Elves Challenge. More later today I hope....

and......with a little help from my friends Joy and Chrissy I have made a start on packing up the presents. The Australian parcels were done and sent over a period of a few days last week and now I must start on the English parcels. (We do not send just one parcel in case one year it goes missing.)

I have, as usual, bought bits and pieces over the last month and now need to allocate them. I do try to shop for people and tick off a list but I see some gorgeous things on Folksy and Misi and I just have to buy them. By the time I come to wrap I discover I have several items for one person and have nothing for others! HeyHo! It is all good fun. I always think it is better to have a parcel with several small items than one big item I hate. At least you stand a chance of one of the three items being acceptable.

No? Never mind, they are all good quality items so I know they will not be wasted.

The parcel in the photo is wrapped using Phoenix plastic wrap over plain paper from Joy Shallcross and the tag is from Chrissys Cards.

Off to match up some gifts now!