Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Calling *Busy Little Chicken* and *Missy*

Hello Girls!
I am sorry to have to get your attention this way but I am embarrassed to say I do not know your real names! I tried to contact you through blogging but apparently the account I have that is enabling me to blog is out of date and I have to register again!! Never mind!

If you really want a Father Christmas then I am very very happy to list one each for you, but if you were being kind then please do not feel obliged.

Jean x x

Angels at Dawn

As many of you know I left Folksy on principal. Mainly because they were bullying some of my online friends and taking away their revenue and secondly because they barred me from selling my angel charms.
I joined Support Hand Made and the girls on there gave me the ooomph I needed to reopen my Artfire Shop and get back in the groove.
This morning I was trolling around Folksy ( love some of the sellers on there ) and found 'my angels' but in a garish 'gold metal'
Cross and then fed up.
But, I decided to take my angels out of their box and start listing them on Artfire. I even found a mushy and sentimental edging for the image!
The keyrings were popular last year and so maybe I will not be too late for this year.
Apparently this weekend is going to be the busiest shopping day of the year as we will have all been paid for the last time before Christmas.
If you have some pennies to spend and want free shipping then pop along and look at my little angel, her name is Ruby.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Here he is. First one hot off the mat!
I shall be improving him tomorrow, or maybe he is perfect, only time will tell.
I shall be selling him on http://talkingbeads.artfire.com
Wish me luck x

Why Now!!

Good afternoon to you lovely people who follow my blog. I am in a bit of a muddle at the moment. Unfamiliar computer, no Paint Shop Pro and in the middle inventing a new Christmas decoration. I know I should be inventing in the summer months but working on Father Christmas in July is not something I find relevant. Good business sense, but not relevant!
So, here he is, not finished, bit lopsided but I hope it is obvious that he is Father Christmas. He needs arms as well and needs for his beard to grow, then he is done. I shall be sending him, and his brothers out to special friends this year. Unless I have a sudden rush of making and manage to list some next weekend.
If I have not been given my old computer tools back by then I may have a nervous collapse, so watch out as you may hear me screaming from Wiltshire to Scotland and back.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The New Me!

How exciting. I have a new logo, business card, banner and identity.
Bonnitta designed it for me and I am very happy with it. Bon is a very clever girl and is well known in the crafty world and has helped to form new identities for many a crafter.
I am selling on Artfire now and have had a few nice little sales. All of them are my Christmas Decorations, but I will be listing more and more jewellery, once I get my new computer to understand me!
I have not been idle though, I have designed a new Christmas Decoration to go with my angels, trees and snowflakes. I will blog about the journey when I am happy with the outcome.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I just love Shopping

Please click on the title of this Blog:

As you know I love shopping for handmade goodies for Chritmas. I found this lady through Facebook and she was kind enough to buy one of my decorations. Not this one, as I can not find the image on my desktop! I am such a messy person. I can never find anything in the house or on the computer.... I need a wife to keep me on the straight and narrow!
Anyway, Jo is the girl's name, and there are so many things in her gallery that I would like to buy and especially the stockings advent calendar. Imagine having that to bring out every year. Gorgeous.
I am off to try and twist her arm, I shall let you know how I get on. HeHe!

Friday, 4 November 2011

SHHIM rules!

I am proud to say I support SHHIM. Supporting Handmade However it is Made. A lovely bunch of girls, and one boy, who make lovely lovely items that want to come to live with me. The items that is.....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I am back!!

As you may know I have had most of this year off! Not work, not life but beading.

A while back I decided to get back to listing on Folksy and all hell broke loose with their new criteria and I decided to leave. As a sensible business woman I just delisted everything, said goodbye on the forums and posted a message on my Facebook account.
But, my friends at SHHIM (Supporting Handmade However it's Made) picked me up and encouraged me to reactivate my Face Book Shop, which I did.
I also remembered that Jean at Little Scruffs asked her to remind me that she wanted some mini Chritmas Trees for her bears this year. I would normally sit and wait for her to remind me as I am not very good at being pushy about my beading.
I did email her though and Yes, she would still like 5 for her bears. After I had made them I decided to show them off on my page and BANG I had two emails, Jean loves them "phew" and an order for 4 of my regular size trees!
So, it does pay to advertise.

I am in the middle of the commission so will post pictures when I have finished.
Have a good day.

Saturday, 29 October 2011


SHHIM campaign badge

This may work

oooh it's cold!

I am being a hero. I am sitting here with cold fingers and toes and I refuse to put on the heating. I think I will get my socks and fleece on in a minute. I am sure the temp is around 16 degrees so I am making a fuss over nothing really. Reason for this heroism? I heard a prog on Radio 4 this week about heating costs going up 25% this year. I have no idea how much we pay. I buy the food, hubbie pays for the cooking of it. Fair division of costs I think. But, 25% sounds bad to me. I was shocked when the price of my jar of coffee leapt £1 in one week back in the summer.

News from Devizes, I have divorced Folksy. Long story, but some of my items no longer suit their criteria and they have been so unfair to some of my friends who earn more than just pin money that I have cleared my shop. Cutting off my nose to spite my face comes to mind, but I hate it when the big boys are unfair to the little guys. I was never going to be a millionnaire selling jewellery online.

So, I am now a member of SHHIM. Supporting Handmade However it's Made. When I work out how, I shall add their logo and links to the side panel. They are a great bunch and I have bought from 3 members already.

I am going to be selling (I hope) via Facebook. There is a link at the top of this piece. Not much in there yet but all of my Christmas decs will be in there and my jewellery too. Some is new to you, some not. I would like the shop to work, I do have some exceedingly nice stuff that I have made! (I have been told to be bolder in promoting. Who, Me? Oh Dear.)
Hope to see you soon in my shop!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dark Nights!

I love them! Strictly is back! Merlin is back! Best of all, I am getting back into my crochet.
My skill has not improved at all, I just make one enormous Granny Square until I eventually run out of wool or patience. The last one was approx a metre square when I finally decided not to buy another ball of wool to use up the two colours I already had to do another band of colour! This one I have bought 2 balls of the green, I don't like it now, and 6 balls of the cream. It is lovely and soft and has a small percentage of WOOL in it. I am told you can not say you are using a ball of wool anymore because mostly they are a combination of poly-whatsanames!

Another good thing that I have discovered now that the light is fading around 7.00, I WANT to do some seed beading. I may start on a new project or I may get my hand in by doing some angels. The Christmas colours went well last year. My experimental ones (lilac and silver and pink and white) were not so popular. I will list the oddballs at a knock down price on Folksy and stick to the traditional colours of red, green, silver, gold. Oh, and Pearl.

I have enclosed a link in the title to give you a hint to my new project. No, not another heart pin cushion...... See you soon.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

St Swithin's Day

Was it really St Swithin's Day yesterday. Facebook said it was so I suppose it must be true. It remained dry here all day, with just a teeny tiny amount of drizzle late afternoon so we thought we would be safe for the next 40 days and nights...but around 11 p.m. last evening down came the rains! But, you know what they say, the gardens and the farmers need it so all is not lost!

You may have noticed I have not been around for a while, that is because of the little one in the picture!

This is my gorgeous little grandaughter, Lucy, at MY HOME when she, her equally gorgeous big sister, Alice, and my daughter, the giver of said gorgeous children, came to from Sydney to visit us for the whole glorious month of June. Lucy looks as if she has been on a Pitman Typing Course! Having them all here for so long was fabulous, exhausting and amazing and such a treat to be a real Granny instead of a virtual one. I think I was a good granny but you will have to ask my daughter that!

Pitman Shorthand and Typing courses will not mean anything to my younger readers. I am of an age when girls like me had only a few obvious choices of career. Nursing, Teaching, working in a shop or working in an office... No point being ambitious because you would meet a man, and very soon after leave work and have children. This was the general attitude in the circles I moved it during the early 60's. I took a course at Secretarial Course at Salisbury College when I was 17 and passed with good grades. I loved shorthand but was not that keen on the typing, which was a shame as there was not much call for a Shorthand Secretary!

So many things have changed in my time and not all for the better. I do feel sorry for girls who feel they have to go back to work to continue on their career path when they would much prefer to stay at home as full time Mums. Not all of us are destined to be Leaders of Men! There I go again showing my age....

That is one of my little soap boxes aired and as I have not had my first cup of coffee yet I think I will love you and leave you to enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I have an app!

I have been to the Apple Store and they have recommended I buy this app so I must have a go uploading an image!

Here is my gorgeous little Lucy. As you may know I make Jewellery. Whenever I go to visit my daughter in Sydney I take a few new designs with me and never bring them home! Lucy is enjoying being girly but not very sure which one goes with the outfit!

We are planning a visit towards the end of the year so, I must get making again :))

Sunday, 12 June 2011


You have not heard from me for a long while and I thought I must move my sorry behind and get back to you. No beading has been done since January I know but I am still here.

In early March I went over for my annual fix of the grandaughters, and of course their Mum, then I came home and went into a low self pitying mood and could not be bothered, sorry but it is true!

Then we heard that Karen and the girls would be coming home sometime this year so we started to decorate!! Actually, we started the bathroom last August...long story. So, in our usual lazy way we did not start to sort out our MOUNTAIN of clutter until she actually booked the flight. Which gave us 9 days to get ready....

We made it in time, 'it' included emptying our office of 3 filing cabinets and associated computer 'stuff' into our 13 foot square bedroom, so that we could put in a single bed and a cot. Then making space in the wardrobes in our grandly called guest room for Karen to put in 5 weeks worth of her stuff! This on top of cleaning the whole house, obviously. I think we did an amazing job :) It was worth it.

Anyway, this is a picture of my lovely girls jumping over their Uncle whilst he was watching the Grand Prix Quali yesterday! He was very very good tempered about it but drove back to Manchester this morning to watch the race on his own tv! Actually, as I type the retched race is still on, hence me writing this on the kitchen table instead of watching Case Histories!
I will come back in less than 5 months this time, I promise!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Light Box

I have a new light box. It makes taking pictures a doddle and is multi-functional. My husband calls it A Bath. I call it A Shower. Talking Beads call it A Light Box!

I have heard of using the bath but was very sceptical about it. A few days ago the girls on Facebook advised me to try using the bath as my backdrop but because I have an unstable back I decided to use the hand basin to very good effect.

Today I decided to have a go with the bath! I gave it a quick clean and popped my necklace stand in and crouched down and took a few snaps. Voila! Here is the result.

This is now listed in my Folksy shop.

My husband will think I am mad, cleaning the bath every day!

Friday, 4 February 2011

With a little help from my Friends

Yesterday I asked for help with my photos from the lovely Facebook Group I have joined (thank you Nicole). I was telling them that I was not happy with my photos and they suggested I should have the same background for my main pictures in my Folksy Shop. Lifestyle type pictures for the additional images.
They also suggested I use the bath as my background and that I may find the macro button to take the photos would give me more detail. I normally use the Intelligent Auto setting, which makes me smile as I like to think one of us is intelligent!

Anyway here are two pictures.

First one: In the hand basin ! which is under the window. Flash and bathroom lights off.

Second picture: Still in hand basin, flash off, lights off and Macro setting on.

Very interesting! I would not like you to think that my hand basin is blue, I am old but not retro....
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Today

At last I have listed it! I am going to do some lifestyle pictures later, but off to Granny sit now at Corsham. Have a good day all, I will. I just love my MIL even though she does not know who I am she knows she likes me!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sad Day

No Pictures. No Jokes. No Links.

I have now closed my Misi shops and removed all links to the site from my blog.

Good Night.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Pete from Bodrighy makes Crochet Hooks. Once I knew that I just had to have one and I am very very lucky because Pete and I have been doing some bartering and now I own a gorgeous Bodrighy Crochet Hook of my very own. Well, it could be called bartering, or that Pete and I exchanged gifts!

I do believe in having nice things if I can, it makes me believe my work will have more beauty too. I have pretty embroidery scissors with a hand made (by me) Hardanger Heart Scissor Keeper and I also have a hand crafted project box, also made from wood which I use every day.
I even keep my wool and patterns etc in a hand made cotton bag bought when I visited Australia.
I have probably spent too much money on these fine items but I do not care. Did you hear that 'Money Police' ?? I do not even buy them through the business!

I also HATE storing things in carrier bags. Carrier Bags are for carrying shopping home and then using as bin liners.

I just read this post back and I sound on the defensive. I do apologise. I was just saying! Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Crochet!

Oh Dear! Just had a coughing fit. This dratted cold is getting on my nerves.

Anyway, in case you have not heard, I am now into crochet! But I am not at the stage of buying wool yet so using up my old stuff. I have not knitted for some time, except for a brief attempt to knit a cardigan for Alice last year, so the supply is limited. My crochet hooks are even older than the wool. I did crochet in Devizes Maternity Hospital in November 1973 and they date from there. I was able to crochet booties in baby 4-ply then!!

The knowledge is still in there somewhere but it is trying to retrieve it. This little sample is not perfect but it is double crochet, I expect. My current project is a mix of double and what I call single crochet. I made a chain approx 14" long and I am going to crochet until the wool runs out and see how big it is, then I will decide what it is! The wool comes from a cushion I almost finished around 10 years. It is a dark lilac with a slight heather mix look to it. We shall see.

This is all in the attempt to gain enough courage to start on an Amigurumi Elephant.
Yes my friends, an elephant. Luckily it is only around 4" I think. I bought the pattern last year from Misi. (Click the Title Link to see the picture.)
He is adorable, or he will be! Irene Strange (Noodle's Mum) was so kind when I bought the pattern and I feel guilty that I have only made the chain for the first component! Just discovered too that Irene is on Folksy too. http://folksy.com/shops/irenestrange

Right, things to do. I need to tidy the house as I have been lazy for a couple of days and I need to eat something healthy. I have been eating biscuits instead of real food for 3 days!

I intend to go to work this afternoon. I am not headachey, high temp and achy today, just coughing like a miner! So, I should be able to answer the phone between coughing fits!

Have a good day.

Monday, 10 January 2011

At Last!

Just to let you know that I finished the neck warmer!
I finished it a while ago and forgot to tell you.

For those of you who do not know, I bought the most beautiful long scarf from MrsGKnits who has a shop on Folksy. (clickable link above) I had been wanting it for such a long time and when she had a sale I pounced on it. When it arrived it was even nicer in real life but so loooooong it dragged on the floor. When I wrapped it around my neck I nearly drowned in wool!
So, I unpicked some of it and re-attached the fringes and all was well. But - I had a big ball of gorgeous wool which I did not want to waste.

Hence the Scarflette purchased from http://www.misi.co.uk/gifts/60868/Super_quick_knit_Neckwarmer_with_Giant_Bobble_Buttons.html.
The patterns are PDF and so there is no waiting for the post. Also, there is a special offer of buy one get one free (I think the offer is still on, check her page to make sure)
I have cheated and sewn the scarf together and will add some fab wooden buttons I have. It just goes over my head and is so cosy under my coat.

I am feeling very sorry for myself today as I have a heavy cold so I may be sitting indoors wearing a think jumper and my new scarf!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


I am in a red mood today, no, not red with rage but red beads. I am taking some new items to The Castle Hotel today for their cabinet and wanted something romantic to go with the vaguely wedding like jewellery I have ready to go. So, I woke early and made a necklace and 2 pairs of earrings with red hearts!

I you are desperate to buy the Necklace and earrings then ring The Castle Hotel, New Park Street, Devizes, direct and they will reserve them for you!!!! Just kidding, sort of......

As I am in a "use it or chuck it" mood at the moment I decided to sort/list the left overs...

Have a great Saturday

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I am no Juggler!

I wish I could juggle though.

For almost 2 weeks I have had a peaceful orderly life. I have been able to get up and do my chores and take time with my daily routine of shower, hair, choose from a cupboard full of clean and ironed clothes and have breakfast in my clean and tidy house and then pop out to visit or entertain at home. Pop into forums if I was in the mood and do the blog in a relaxed manner. Bliss.

My normal routine is about to land on me again as today I am back to work..... Now, for those who know me you are probably rolling your eyes at this blog! Friends and neighbours I work four and a half hours as a Receptionist. I am not full time, I am not a brain surgeon and I do not work down the mines. I do not bring work home with me and I am not on call 24/7.

So, WHY will I be in a complete muddle by the end of the week??

Because I spend too much time thinking of all of my chores and avoiding them instead of getting on with it.

So, it is now 9.05 and I have listed, forum'd and now blogged. However, I am still in my p.j's and not a cup of coffee in sight!

I am NOW going to GET ON WITH IT and I wish you a pleasant day full of achievements!!

p.s. the beads are my new listing, the first migrant from my Misi shop to my Folksy shop.

EDIT: Two hours later I am at least now in my track suit. So, I am now going to shower and go to work. At least I had a good breakfast and watched a bit of tv and cleaned 2 pairs of boots and hoovered around the whole of downstairs and ironed a couple of things (Rule Two!) unloaded dishwasher and restacked and put away the final Christmas Decorations.

I am now exhausted and need to walk to town to meet Janice for coffee! Should I take the car? It does need a wash and brush up at the car wash....No! that is £10
No wonder I am too tired to go to work, all of these decisions I have to make.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

January Listing Club!

As I am going to be organised this year I am joining the January Listing Club on Folksy, Resolution Revolution! I shall alternate the listings between my destash shop, Craft Cupboard and my other shop Talking Beads. That way I will have around
15 more items in each of my shops by the end of the month. Unless of course I sell some stuff.

I have done two months of the listing clubs and always sold more in those months. So, here's hoping.

I have not decided if I will list on Misi yet. I may just list in my destash shop. There are a lot of redundant beads in my bead box. They are usually snapped up a lot quicker than my jewellery! (Jean, that is not funny......)

Have a good day.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is it!

Well folks! This is the time of year when we all decide to make new rules for the year ahead. Only to break the rules by the end of the month.

So, not wanting to break with tradition here are my new Rules!

Rule One: Meet more of my friends for coffee
Rule Two: Keep an empty ironing basket

That is all, I am very sure of the first one, I kept that Rule last year VERY well. It was not a struggle at all. In fact I have some very good NEW friends who were, this time last year, Virtual Friends! They are now REAL and I am loving the interaction with them.

Rule Two is a real challenge as when I do a wash there is so much of it. There are only two of us so it takes a while to get together a whole White Wash, Coloureds, Hot and so for one day a fortnight, or so, I am trudging thro washing. By the time it is all dry there is a mountain of ironing and I am bored with the whole thing.
I know you are all shouting at me that I should put it onto a small wash cycle more often, but my machine is quite old and it only does certain programmes on a small wash. Now I have insulted the machine I expect it will play me up now!

Right, Bye for now. I am, as always, leaving you with a photograph of my son, nephews and brother watching Virtual Stock Car Racing on the computer. My son is the one on the right who can not quite believe the excitement of it all. My nephew, in red, is in the top 5 most of the time. Fascinating!