Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dark Nights!

I love them! Strictly is back! Merlin is back! Best of all, I am getting back into my crochet.
My skill has not improved at all, I just make one enormous Granny Square until I eventually run out of wool or patience. The last one was approx a metre square when I finally decided not to buy another ball of wool to use up the two colours I already had to do another band of colour! This one I have bought 2 balls of the green, I don't like it now, and 6 balls of the cream. It is lovely and soft and has a small percentage of WOOL in it. I am told you can not say you are using a ball of wool anymore because mostly they are a combination of poly-whatsanames!

Another good thing that I have discovered now that the light is fading around 7.00, I WANT to do some seed beading. I may start on a new project or I may get my hand in by doing some angels. The Christmas colours went well last year. My experimental ones (lilac and silver and pink and white) were not so popular. I will list the oddballs at a knock down price on Folksy and stick to the traditional colours of red, green, silver, gold. Oh, and Pearl.

I have enclosed a link in the title to give you a hint to my new project. No, not another heart pin cushion...... See you soon.