Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Change of Plans!

This necklace is by Janice, she is the other half of Talking Beads. Isn't it lovely? It has gone to Lovely Shoes in Devizes, but she can make a similar one for you if you want one I am sure. (We don't make two of anything really, we like our stuff to be originals. Sounds grand doesn't it but I would not like to meet my necklace coming down the road towards me!!

Wow! After talking to my daughter last night we have decided that it would be nice for me to go....Thursday!

So, things to do: List some more pictures on MISI and Talking Beads. Wash and iron clothes for trip. Get money out of bank. Spring Clean House. Lose 2 stone.... forget the last two maybe.
I can still access this from over there, so you may get some upside down news.

Night Night girlies. Jean x


  1. Hi Jean, it is lovely. I don't think it is grand to offer exclusive items, I think we all hate the idea of wearing the same thing.

    Have a happy day

    love n light


  2. Chris, womean after my own heart x