Thursday, 14 May 2009


Help! Where are you, the heading is there but the people have gone... Now what have I done.

Had a great day at work today, truly. I am a receptionist and as you can expect we have quiet days and frantic ones too. Today was not frantic. I was sat reading the paper (shocking) when a director came in and asked me if I had time to do a little job between phone calls. I don't think he was being funny....
Anyway I was happily filling up Health & Safety Manuals for all of our Plumbers when another Director came along and was surprised to see that I had been given the job. Well, as I said, it is cheaper for me per hour to do it than a Director and I was quite surprised when someone else asked me if I minded. No, actually, I get paid to do as I am asked from 1.00 to 5.30.
Am I odd!!!! You can answer that if you like... Off now to watch Taggart.
p.s. Look what I saw out of my bedroom window this morning. We live in a quiet cul - de -sac but not near any farms really. I am told he is a rode island red. He pecked around all day and then at bed time his owners came along and took him off. Very odd. We often get ducks, but we are very close to a canal. Now I am off to watch Taggart!

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  1. No ~ you are not strange. I was the same when I worked as an administration assistant. If someone wanted something doing ~ whether it be H & S junk or extra typing or internet research, then I was happy to do it. I would rather be earning my money and keeping busy than sitting twiddling my thumbs.
    Now I work for myself, so can be selective about the jobs I take on. Though not too selective or I wouldn't make any money. lol