Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Well, they have gone now. 20 pairs of earrings to Amy. (I know there are only 10 here, these are mine!) She is taking little goodie bags for us at MISI with our business cards/samples to her next craft fair to publicize us all. Another MISI girl is going to do one for Lincolnshire to spread the word.
Amy works under the name of Mimi and her paintings of St Ives in Cornwall are beautiful. I have two so I can assure you they are good! You can find her under Art by Mimi on MISI.

Well, still in dressing gown and no work done yet, so as it is now 10.00 I should move myself and get off this computer and get ready for work...

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  1. They are very pretty. I hope you get a good return from your giveaways.