Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Oh Dear I am tired!! I have been making some posters and display cards for our Craft Fair on Saturday. It is at Thornham Farm at Seend. Actually it is a Hog Roast and the owner has invited local businesses to go along and set up a stall and advertise and sell. That's us then! So, hence the red eyes. I will let you know how we get on.
Let me see do I have a picture for you?
Ah Yes, this is my husband in the garden working away putting up our fence. "And so", you say. Well it was 7.20 and I was looking a million dollars (well $10) as we were being picked up at 7.30 to go out to dinner. He was quite sure he would be showered and spruced up in time to go out.....AAAAGH! Needless to say he did not know I was in the bedroom spying on him.
One thing I am trying to learn is that Men Can Not Hurry. He was doing the fence and that was that. Then he was going out to dinner, and that was that! Bless him.
But, he is coming to help on Saturday. I have told him he can have some hog roast for breakfast!
I am getting excited now, also, my son is coming home from Dubai for the weekend. Actually he is coming home to go to the Grand Prix and then to see us. HeHe!
BTW! Only 24 hours left for the Blog Giveaway. More Names Please x


  1. Wow, I am not surprised you are tired Jean, hope the event goes well, and enjoy that Hog Roast.

    love n light


  2. Good luck on saturday - let us know how you get on! xx