Sunday, 28 June 2009


Happy Sunday!

I want to say thank you to all of my FOLLOWERS!

Why? Well, just because. I want to send a message to just them, but I do not know how, so I am hoping they are watching me...Please ping me a message on here FOLLOWERS. Does not matter what the message is, and I will put you in a draw. I so enjoyed last weeks. Isn't this picture pretty. My brother, the whizzy computer/camera buff likes it very much and wanted to know where did I get it from. I did it all on mine own Paul. Actually all I did was put a selection of beads into a dish and take the photo. Then cropped it. Bingo! The prize is a secret. To be revealed when there is a winner. I am leaving this running for a while, so can you leave the message under this message. Where was my GCE English Language during that bit of typing!
Well, I thought I would show you what I look like, so that you all know I am old and wrinkly and round! The baby on my lap is Vonnie, my daughters niece and the one about to escape is my adorable little English/Australian Grandaughter Alice Bonnie.
Just thought I would tell you!
Good Night.


  1. What a lovely photo. Gorgeous children! I would like to be entered into your draw please. Although if you look at my blog you will see what sort of prizes I usually win! x

  2. Love the stripey socks! THose kids are cute. Please enter me for your draw as I'm intrigued to know what it is. Jo

  3. Lovely picture -mmm nice socks..... wonder what I could make out of them..... oh sorry!! Would love to be entered into your draw please!

  4. You don't look old and wrinkly at all, in fact you look quite spritely with a lovely soft focus that makes your age completely indeterminable. yay. Bonnie babies too. Am off to have a chufty at your website and would love to be entered in to your draw.

  5. You are not wrinkly and old, you are a lovely person, and it shows in your lovely blog. the grandchildren look very cute and comfy snuggled up there.

    I like the socks too, I would wear those!

    love n light


  6. Such lovely little kids. Can't wait to hear what the prize is!

  7. You sound my mum complaining that she is "old and wrinkly and round" when in fact she is just lovely the way she is and so are you! This mysterious prize sounds pretty damn cool. Almost as cool as the fact I have relatives visiting soon. Not from as far afield as Austraila but almost! They are coming from Thailand! :D

  8. Just been reading your tagged questions, like the sound of your dream job let me know when you open and I'LL pop round, tea and shopping can you get better than that, would love to be entered in your competition.

  9. Love surprises - so please enter me !!!
    Thanks also for the tagging x

  10. Hello there, I just found your blog through Nic's and thought I'd say hi!

    You make gorgeous things!