Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Look What I Have Found!

Don't worry, no more 'Australia'

I have been up since a loo break at 4.30 (ahhhhhhh!) looking on the web for crystals for my new angel charms and popped onto Folksy for a look.
I am on there too and I like to watch and learn.
I found this absolutely fabulous brooch made by Posh Plushies. I have done some fine stitching in my time and so appreciate the work that has gone into this lovely brooch. The other items she has are just as beautiful and make me want to reach for my PayPal button. In fact I may just do that as it is Winter in Oz and this would look great on my daughter's black coat......whoops, sorry said I would not mention Australia!
Please go over and have a look at

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  1. hi Jean, I was in there and ended up in Posh plushies aswell, I loved the blue snail and the mushrooms, what a gorgeous shop.