Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well, that was not quite what I wanted!!! I wanted the pictures to be one on top of the other but with a space in between for me to write in.

Anyway, my new bookmark is on the left! She is a sweet little angel made from Swarovski Crystals and dangles from a white metal wiggly bookmark. She is going up for sale at £6 inc postage and packing.

Next picture is my wonderful Stash Swop from Moppy on MISI. We agreed to send a bag of our bits and bobs to someone to the value of £5. I think I just got really lucky! All we have to do (!!!)is use up all of the bits and bobs by 1st August! See you on 1st August, I shall be up to my neck in sewing until then. Actually I am looking forward to it.

I have been tagged too, AMI designs.
So I will deal with that in the morning when it is cooler.....


  1. pmsl you got lucky? or you were cursed lol lol I honestly didnt know what to stick in and didnt realise you had to use it all :os

  2. what a great stash you got, can't wait for mine.