Monday, 21 September 2009

What a Surprise!

My last job of the day is to pop onto the forums at Misi and Folksy to see what has happened and to check my emails in case my daughter in upside down land had sent me a message. So, I absently clicked the send/recieve button and nothing seemed to happen, so clicked it again...........and look what happened!!

I stared at the screen thinking, for a second, it was a glitch, then suddenly blushed with excitement!!!

TWELVE of my items had sold just that minute to one lovely lovely lady. Whooppee!!
They sold on This is my destash shop. I have been teaching workshops for nearly 5 years now and always make at least two samples for the ladies to look at. I sold 5 items the first weekend I opened up and then nothing until last night. Still excited this morning. I did not get to sleep for ages last night planning how I would wrap and post them all. My jiffy bags will not hold all twelve!!

Hope you do not think I am showing off...but good news does not come along every day. Now, where is that tissue paper and ribbon??????


  1. Great news! I got excited over one sale yesterday, I think I'd burst if I had 12 at once!

  2. I am so pleased for you Jean, it is always nice to get a sale let alone that many ;-)

  3. Oh wow thats fantastic Jean, you deserve to be pleased, well done!