Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I have embarrased myself!

I have just done something I have NEVER done before. I have done a mail run to everyone in my email address book!
I am still blushing. But, people do it to me and I don't mind so here it is. (she says as way of explanation!)
We make Christmas decorations and they are dipped into floor polish. (another post coming up I fear!) Anyway, the most recent I just popped onto a bottle to dry. I then received an order of gift tags from Misi and this idea was born! So, I have sent this link to everyone in the address book.... I am now going to change my email address!


  1. I didn't mind at all, they are well worth seeing and definitely worth buying.
    Now if you had peed yourself in Asda that would be worth blushing over.

  2. Hennie!
    We have now sold 79 tree decs! We have another two to go so must get making as we made 80 to start with. I just wish we could sell some online.....oh well.