Saturday, 2 January 2010

The photo that did it!

I would like to say I look this size because of the angle of the shot....but if that was the case my son would look tubby too. The tree really was that big. Fabulous.
This person wearing my clothes with a very round face is me and I do not like it one bit. How can I be surprised at a photograph when I look in the mirror every day? Kidology I suspect, and being a stranger to my scales.
So, Slimathon Members, I am not happy to reveal the weight (blushes) but this is me now and I will update the picture at monthly intervals. Minus tree and son...!


  1. what a good idea jean if you don't want to disclose your weight, i on the other hand can't stand any photos of me so am happy to stay anonymous and share my weight with everyone!!!!

  2. good luck Jean. I weighed myself the other day. big mistake. Then I went bra shopping, and had to stand in front of those hideous shop flattering :-(

  3. I hope 2010 brings a new me too!!

    Good luck!

    Jo xx

  4. Good luck Jean,
    I've posted weight so may have to brave it and post pics too.

  5. Good luck Jean, I lost ten pounds before Crimbo- but after all those treats, I am afraid to look! x

  6. I'm bursting at the seems most of the time and now after Christmas... dread to think. One good thing is i had so much chocolate over Crimbo i can't look at sweets.. hope it stays this way till Easter Bunny at least. Fingers crossed for everyone's efforts. TTFN. xx