Friday, 12 February 2010

New at Talking Beads

Hello folks and folkesses! I am sorry I have not been about lately. I have been working on this little beauty (even if I do say so myself). For something so small it has taken a while to get right. I have already sold one to Sam at PantsandPaper and sent off two for road testing to Mrs G Knits and PussyGalore! Lovely names.
Anyway, this is a scissor keeper and a pin cushion. This is the link to Folksy where it is listed with more images. Hope you like it. There are another 5 made and ready for their ribbons and tags. For those of you with good eyesight I agree, the hole in the card is very poor but I can not find my single hole punch... I will give it another few days to turn up before I go to Smiths to buy another one. Hopeless woman that I am ;)
Good Night for now x


  1. Hi Jean!
    As one of your guinea pig road teasters I just popped in to certify that your newest creation is as useful as it is beautiful. I have picked up my scissors many a time just to have another look at the accessory adorning them! Another stunning creation and here's to many more! Agnes xxx

  2. These are so pretty to look at. Great idea too.

  3. I have awarded you with the sunshine award!
    Here's a link to my blog where you can read about it :D

  4. I have also awarded you a Sunshine Award!