Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hello There!

We had such a lovely day yesterday. We went to the wedding of my brother in laws youngest child. Kitty has always been the family baby and is also a tiny little thing. She has a fun personality and is a very talented teacher and dancer. Anyway, she married the lovely Kirk at Coombe House, Blagdon and she looked fabulous. I do not have a picture to show you yet so popped in another snowflake!
I know, another blessed snowflake!!
Bye for now x x


  1. I love snowflakes so much, so talented to do this with a few seed beads xx

  2. so pleased to hear you had a lovely time at the wedding, jean, and look forward to seeing pics soon.
    love the snowflake.
    joy xx

  3. Thank you girls, that is very kind of you x