Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wake Up Jean

I am making a Christmas Shopping list at the moment. Ideas of things to buy and if anyone is interested, things I would like to receive.
I thought of something new just now. A new Memory please. The one I have is wearing out and so by Christmas I would appreciate a nice new alert memory please.

What prompted this? On Sunday I made draft listings of 6 items for the November Sparks on Folksy. I am working full time at the moment so I thought I would get ahead of myself.
I have just listed todays item FROM SCRATCH as in my tumble out of bed state I had forgotten that it was in my draft area on Folksy I was writing the description I thought it sounded familiar.

Have a good day all!


  1. good morning jean, I have a nice new 32gb memory card on my desk, you are more than welcome to it, if you can only work out how to attach it to your brain!
    and yes, I am still waiting to hear about marissa!

  2. Sorry for Smiling - Sounds SO familiar! I'm also doing the November Sparks so will keep an eye out for you!


  3. Noodle, Hi! I am so pleased with my poppy. Have not taken it off (well, I am swopping it onto clean clothes) since it arrived!

  4. Joy, if I can not remember that I have made a listing in draft form I will certainly not remember you have a memory stick I can use!! Good grief, is that baby stuck!