Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why oh Why Me!

I am working all day today (usually only 1.00 - 5.30) so off I toddle to bed with my book at 9.40 last night and lights out at 10.30. Lovely, warm and snuggle and asleep quick sharp. So, why was I awake and alert at 3.30?

Anyway, I have been on the computer doing the rounds of promoting and being nosy already and happened to pop a new bib for Lucy into my shopping cart!! I am now wondering if it is too early to have my breakfast! I could do some housework....or I have time to make the Christmas Angels for Alice and Lucy. As in the picture above. I am planning White and Silver for Lucy (Age One very soon) and Pink and Silver for Alice (just Three last week)

Yes, good idea, I will make the angels and then porridge and then out into the cold morning air and toddle off to the office.
Yesterday it was so cold indoors that I had to wear my body warmer and scarf ALL AFTERNOON!!

See you soon all, keep warm and cozy.


  1. I too and up and about Jean, waiting for my porridge LOL Luckily though I don't have to go out in the cold today but will be working in my craft room all day but can't start in there until I have some daylight.
    Have a good day Jean ; remember you're burning more calories if you're cold.

  2. Oh I hope that is true Rachael!! I can not resist the porridge any longer so off I pop. Enjoy your day in the craft room you lucky girl x

  3. We're always up at 5/ 5.30. Such is the body clock of small, blond, fluffy toddlers! I tend to do much browsing blogging and promotion before it gets light also. Seems the best use of the time. Today however i am tidying up as we have her portage worker coming to visit and the place is a tip!!
    Good luck in the cold, i intend to avoid it untill absolutely necessary!!

  4. I seem to be waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 most mornings and use the time to list, blog and promote too! hope you enjoyed your porridge

    Max :o) x

  5. I too am awake at the minute between 5 and 6. But promoting is a very good use of time. I too am busy listing and blogging at this time of the morning. Good porridge eating. Linda

  6. I was up at six, but can't do anything until I've had tea!!! Have a good day at work Jean, and don't even think about taking off your scarf and bodywarmer for a few months LOL !! :)

  7. oh, it looks as if I'm a late bird, after all you lot. up at 6.30 and beans on toast for breakfast before I even contemplate switching on the PC.
    be careful out there jean, there's some white stuff on the ground at this end of town.

  8. No you're not the late bird Joy...I didn't surface until 9am!! Was awake a lot earlier as the dog usually wants out around 6 but managed to get back to sleep. Today I'm going to make a bolt for a supermarket before the weather gets any worse. We've had a bit of a thaw on this northern coast. Bitterly cold!!Stay cosy!!