Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I have taken off the Rose Tinted Glasses!!

I have just been doing my accounts for my online sales for the tax year 2009/2010
Now this is something we all have to do and I know you all know what you are doing with your sales, pricing, promoting and generally flogging a dead horse but I have always chosen to ignore the obvious and carry on regardless!

Those of you who know me in person know I am a friendly, welcoming person. Everyone is my friend until they prove otherwise. Rather disorganised too! also know I am one of those daft people who like to think I am funding my hobby!!! No offence intended!

So, back to the books. I am terrified of getting it wrong so I write down every single sale, if someone pays me £2 for a keyring I dutifully hand it over to Janice to put into the bank. Everything I sell is accounted for somewhere and today was the turn of the online sales tally :(

I have written down in a little black book, provided by my husband, every sale from my online shops inc postage and packing. Minus the commission fees to the site, listing fees and paypal fees, which I am horrified at may I add! (told you I was 'stupid') I do wonder how anyone selling at £2-£3 on everything makes any money.

So, although I have not added up my meagre sales and subtracted the commissions I know I am going to get such a telling off from 'him indoors' when he gets home!! I shall be at work so will have a slight reprieve as he knows he is not allowed to ring me at work to shout at me! Only 'nice' phone calls. i.e. Hello, how are you. Do we need any shopping.

So, here is a picture for you as always. The snowflakes are back in Folksy, sold all but the lilac ones, and I have even dropped the price. They were £4.50 now they are £3.25

I bet you thought I would have raised the prices!!!


  1. Know exactly what you mean. I charge £1.50 a card, and by the time I take off the listing fee, the selling fee and then paypals fee there is a tiny tiny bit of 'cher-ching' at the end. Luckily, I do not have it as a business. I just enjoy playing around and if I can get back just a little bit so I can carry on that suits me. Also, the enjoyment, that other people like my work enough to want some of it, is the biggest thrill. I don't think I will be the next CLINTONS somehow!!
    The only thing I find strange is no matter what you charge, all these sites charge 20p to list. So if you sell a huge chunk of furniture it is still 20p or I sell a teeny weeny little card it still is 20p.

  2. well jean, at least you ARE selling. I'm trying to fund a knitting mania and raise money for WAAA but I have so far sold only one headband, and that wasn't in one of my shops, just a random person who found me by searching for the DFS advert! (so at least no listing fee, selling fee, or paypal fee to deduct)

  3. Joy, that is so funny! What on earth was your description? or should we call it SEO!! ??

  4. That really made me laugh Jean!! We were so worried about getting the finances wrong last year we employed an accountant...we made a loss..the exact amount of the accountant's fees. The thought that we might just have broken even was small comfort!

  5. Yep! Kev keeps telling me I'm not 'making' any money just 'taking' SOME money but not enough which is exactly why I'm thinking of not bothering at all next year.

  6. I'm too scared to work out how much it has cost me to support my hobby(addiction!) definately do not make any money at all, I'd probably be better off selling my stock than things I make!!! Lol :)

  7. I misread the title - thought you'd written that you've taken off rosy tints glasses - was a bit bemused.
    Think we've all got that t-shirt Jean. Maybe the lesson is raise our prices next year & see what happens

  8. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one! But I shall keep trying and hope to succeed one day! Hope springs eternal! :)