Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is it!

Well folks! This is the time of year when we all decide to make new rules for the year ahead. Only to break the rules by the end of the month.

So, not wanting to break with tradition here are my new Rules!

Rule One: Meet more of my friends for coffee
Rule Two: Keep an empty ironing basket

That is all, I am very sure of the first one, I kept that Rule last year VERY well. It was not a struggle at all. In fact I have some very good NEW friends who were, this time last year, Virtual Friends! They are now REAL and I am loving the interaction with them.

Rule Two is a real challenge as when I do a wash there is so much of it. There are only two of us so it takes a while to get together a whole White Wash, Coloureds, Hot and so for one day a fortnight, or so, I am trudging thro washing. By the time it is all dry there is a mountain of ironing and I am bored with the whole thing.
I know you are all shouting at me that I should put it onto a small wash cycle more often, but my machine is quite old and it only does certain programmes on a small wash. Now I have insulted the machine I expect it will play me up now!

Right, Bye for now. I am, as always, leaving you with a photograph of my son, nephews and brother watching Virtual Stock Car Racing on the computer. My son is the one on the right who can not quite believe the excitement of it all. My nephew, in red, is in the top 5 most of the time. Fascinating!


  1. I have a really easy solution to the ironing basket problem. I don't iron so all the washing goes straight from the washing line, radiator or tumble drier straight into the wardrobe. By the time they've hung in there a while they're usually fine. The first thing I did when my husband moved in was teach him to iron so he could iron his shirts, etc for work. Oddly enough his requirements for ironed clothes went down sharply when he learned he'd have to do it himself ;o)

    Yes, there are certain things I do iron but there are few enough of them that I only need to do it occasionally and it doesn't seem so much of a chore then.

  2. I am really pleased to hear you are going to meet more of your friends for coffee, even though I only drink tea, see you very soon.
    happy new year.
    whispers "I dont really mind ironing, I do it with classic FM on very loudly"
    joy xx