Friday, 4 February 2011

With a little help from my Friends

Yesterday I asked for help with my photos from the lovely Facebook Group I have joined (thank you Nicole). I was telling them that I was not happy with my photos and they suggested I should have the same background for my main pictures in my Folksy Shop. Lifestyle type pictures for the additional images.
They also suggested I use the bath as my background and that I may find the macro button to take the photos would give me more detail. I normally use the Intelligent Auto setting, which makes me smile as I like to think one of us is intelligent!

Anyway here are two pictures.

First one: In the hand basin ! which is under the window. Flash and bathroom lights off.

Second picture: Still in hand basin, flash off, lights off and Macro setting on.

Very interesting! I would not like you to think that my hand basin is blue, I am old but not retro....
Bye for now.


  1. lol very interesting its frustrating tryin to get a decent photo - note to self must update my blog oooops xx

  2. taking photos is the bane of my life - glad you've found the macro button!

  3. I agree with Karen. You can make something and know it looks lovely then you get teh camera out and it seems to be impossible to get just the right light, position, background, etc to show it off to it's best. My hard disk is full of naff photos. Oh, and my camera only had a 'pretend' macro button. It objects if I try to take photos from any loser than about 3 feet. :o(

  4. How interesting - that blue background is so blue. I always think that photos do not really show how nice something is. How tactile, or all the little details. I think that is why feedback is such a good idea because when the person receives their item, hopefully it turns out much nicer than the picture shows and they can 'spread the word' so to speak.

  5. Amazing how photos turn out. Both look nice on here but so different.

  6. Much prefer the first picture (no blue background) and truer colours of beads.(I should think, anyway)
    I agree that having a uniform background to your first pictures in your shop would improve the overall look and that varying the backgrounds in subsequent shots is good too.

  7. Photos are frustrating for me too! Picasa has been so helpful in brightening them up and no matter how many backgrounds I use I always prefer plain white! xx

  8. Rachael, the blue was only because I was using the macro setting! Very odd.